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Animal Instinct was the second story of the audio anthology, The Diary of River Song: Series Five. It was written by Roy Gill and featured Alex Kingston as River Song and Geoffrey Beevers as the Decayed Master.

Publisher's summary[]

On a world where vicious beasts stalk ancient ruins, Professor Song teaches a student the finer points of archaeology.

But then she meets an incarnation of the Master who is desperate to survive.

And if they are going to escape this place alive, they all must work together.


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  • River uses a sonic pen torch.
  • The Master entered his tomb on Cheska Minor, but woke up on Cheska Major.
  • The Master possesses an Obsidian Mirror.
  • River compares the Master's style to Moriarty.
  • The Master asks, "Who was it said 'Humans should never invite their ancestors round for dinner?'" This both a reference to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and its author, the late Douglas Adams who both wrote and script-edited episodes of the classic series. This is also asked by the Seventh Doctor in the Season 26 story Ghost Light.


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