Anglica was a small town with a cathedral.

On 23 March 1526, the Doctor and Amy went to the town because the Doctor wanted to find out why it vanished on that day. After getting out of the TARDIS and walking around they saw the Weeping Angels. The Doctor used his sonic screwdriver as a torch. Then Amy was lured into a trap by the Weeping Angels. She was sent eighty years into the past. The Doctor travelled with the TARDIS to 1446 and saved Amy. Since the angels were too strong in 1446 Amy and the Doctor used the TARDIS to get back to 1526. They walked around and see that the angels were attacking the TARDIS. They tried to get inside since the energy in there could feed them for centuries. But it was all going according to the Doctors plan. The Angels were looking at each other and were unable to break eye-contact. The Doctor told Amy that without food it was only a matter of time before the Weeping Angels became nothing more than statues. Amy told the Doctor that the lost city of Angelica was found then. The Doctor replied that this way it had never been lost. Then the Doctor and Amy left Anglica with the TARDIS. (GAME: Angels in the Shadows)

Some time later, the Eleventh Doctor revisited Anglica and landed in its cathedral. The Doctor called Anglica the city of culture, but by the time the Doctor and Amy arrived it was invaded by the Daleks. The Daleks had kidnapped Mrs Jones and only kept her alive to use her as a bait to take the time orbs from the Doctor. The Doctor set Mrs Jones free. However there was Dalek ship in the orbit. The Daleks were threatening to destroy Earth if the Doctor didn't do what they said. The Doctor told Mrs Jones to wait in the TARDIS, where it was safe. Meanwhile, Amy and the Doctor went through a portal to the Dalek ship. (GAME: The Mazes of Time)

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