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Angels were a type of advanced lifeform found around the planet Lucifer.

Biology Edit

Angels looked like shifting lights, something like auroras. They had very little solid mass and solid objects would simply pass through them. They could change the composition of themselves and other objects.

Angels had a much more complex brain, with multiplex thinking instead of simply binary thought. Instead of a neuron just being on or off, Angels had brains which had several states of neurons. (PROSE: Lucifer Rising)

Culture Edit

All of the Angels found were living around Lucifer, which they considered to be their Heaven. Angels felt the pull of Lucifer's core as they approached death and would head to the core. During the "funeral" of an Angel, they all travelled to the zelanite seas of Lucifer to "dance". They would merge with the dying angel and form a conglomerate angel with the dying angel in the centre. This angel was converted into an unknown, stable, high-mass element and pulled into the core. These dying angels were the source of the energy readings discovered by Earth. They were very protective of their Heaven and considered the rest of the universe to be Hell.

The Angels also worship black holes. Though they could control much of the universe, they had little power over black holes and believed that they contained their god. (PROSE: Lucifer Rising)

History Edit

The Angels existed for 500 million to 1,000 million years. At this point in time, they set up the bases on Belial and Moloch and then changed their shape using the Mushroom Farm, a device in the centre of Belial which could modify morphic fields.

Around 2157, humans came to Lucifer, searching for a new source of fuel. They attempted to communicate with the Angels, but even their most advanced communication technology couldn't communicate with them. This was because the angels considered them to be demons. After a year, they had made no progress. When Paula Engado's spacesuit malfunctioned during an attempt to communicate with the Angels, she happened to merge with a dying Angel. When Miles Engado went in search of her, the Angels turned his medicine wheel into the high-mass elements they were searching for.

After a hostile takeover of the base by IMC, they tried using controlled black holes, which the Angels worshipped, to suck up the atmosphere of Lucifer. They planned to mine the core for these high-mass elements, not knowing they were actually dead Angels. The Angels expelled IMC from their home and placed an impenetrable barrier around the system. The survivors of the human base were allowed to leave before the barrier was put up, taking with them the medicine wheel to help power the Earth. (PROSE: Lucifer Rising)

The Seventh Doctor believed the Angels may have manoeuvred IMC into releasing this black hole for them, in order to complete their Heaven. (PROSE: Lucifer Rising)

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