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Dr. Andy Pryor, CDG, CSA has been the casting director for Doctor Who since Rose, and has therefore had a hand in choosing the Ninth, Tenth, Eleventh, Twelfth Doctors and Thirteenth Doctors, along with all modern companions. More broadly, he and his associates and assistants have personally contracted every speaking part in the modern series. As of 2018, Pryor is the longest-serving member of the BBC Wales team, having been the first person hired after Julie Gardner and Russell T Davies.

He was also the casting director for the first three series of Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures, though his former associate casting director, Andy Brierley, later took over as the casting director for Sarah Jane. Nevertheless, as of 2009 he had been the casting director for every episode of BBC Wales' Doctor Who-related output.

Since 2005, Andy Pryor has worked under show runners Russell T Davies, Steven Moffat and Chris Chibnall.

In 2013, he was the casting director for An Adventure in Space and Time, under Mark Gatiss.

In 2016, he also served as the casting director for Class, under creator Patrick Ness.

He has sometimes been a documentary subject on Doctor Who Confidential, most typically on the first episodes of series, where he has opined on the choosing of the new companions.

Outside of the Doctor Who family of shows, Pryor has been responsible for casting many of the most-acclaimed British shows of the early 21st century, such as Life on Mars with John Simm; Survivors with Paterson Joseph and Roger Lloyd Pack; Moses Jones with Matt Smith and Shaun Parkes; Whitechapel with Phil Davis and Steve Pemberton; Material Girl with Lenora Crichlow and Dervla Kirwan; Cutting It with Sarah Parish; and Red Cap with Peter Guinness. He also did some preliminary work on Russell T Davies' Casanova with David Tennant, but had to pull out of the project to concentrate on series 1 of Doctor Who. Some of his earliest work as a casting director involved Our Friends in the North, which co co-starred both Christopher Eccleston and Daniel Craig; and the film, Trainspotting. Earlier still, he had been a casting assistant on the first two series of Cracker, which also co-starred Eccleston.


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