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Andrea "Andy" Hansen was the older sister of Matt Hansen.

Andy's first relationship was with a Russian student called Sasha. Andy didn't learn much Russian from her as she thought that her English was better than most English people. (PROSE: The Death of Empire)

In 2012, Andy left her mother's hospital room and received a call several hours later to inform her that her mother had passed away. She deeply regretted not being with her mother in her final moments. Within six months of her mother's death, Andy's father walked out on her and her brother, forcing Andy to drop out of college and take custody of Matt. Within a year she was asked to identify her father's body at the morgue, but feared her brother wouldn't be able to handle losing both parents so quickly, and lied about the man being her father. (PROSE: The One Place) To support herself and Matt, Andy got a job at the London University of History and Antiquity cafe. (PROSE: The Last Pharaoh)

Curious to see how society improved in the future, Erimem, Andy and Helena travelled to the City in the latter half of the 21st century. (PROSE: Angel of Mercy)

Travelling with Erimem back to the 17th century, Andy fell in love with Olivia Parson. They started a long distance relationship, separated by four centuries. (PROSE: Buccaneer)

Alternate timeline[]

Andy arrived back from Mars on 31 December 2017 unconscious. Helena cared for her until she awoke and they returned to Mars to look for Erimem, who had gone missing, but could not find her. She stayed in touch with Helena for a year following Ibrahim Hadmani's death. Andy eventually married Olivia and together they adopted children. However, Olivia and their children were taken away when authorities discovered Olivia was from the past. Andy went into hiding in the Habitat.

Around fifty years after Erimem's disappearance, Andy met Erimem again in the Habitat. She discovered that the events Erimem experienced right after leaving Mars did not align with the events of the last fifty years. Andy scanned Erimem's ring and located a disruption emanating from a remote location outside of New York on the same day Erimem vanished. Andy and Erimem decided to go to the location and found a curious lab which went into lockdown upon their arrival. Andy and Erimem blew up the lab and escaped. When they transported again, Andy of the 2060s flickered and was replaced by the Andy of 2017. (PROSE: Auld Acquaintance)


Andy made frequent pop culture references whilst travelling through history. In serious moments, however, she managed to resist the impulse. (PROSE: The Egyptian Falcon)


Andy had red hair. (PROSE: The Death of Empire)