Andrew "Andy" Davidson was Gwen Cooper's former police partner. By 2011, he held the rank of police sergeant. Though not an official member of Torchwood, he aided the staff many times out of kindness to Gwen. However, he did not shirk his duties as a PC and would obey the orders given to him by higher-ups if he had no alternative but to comply, even if Torchwood was made an enemy. He did so harbouring no hard feelings toward the Torchwood collective, knowing Gwen and her teammates could turn the tables given the right nudging.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Andy Davidson worked with Gwen Cooper when she was a police officer. They were partners by March 2005. (AUDIO: One Rule) That same day, they encountered Michael Bellini in the streets of Cardiff. (PROSE: Trace Memory)

He had a crush on Gwen, which made him jealous of her boyfriend and eventual husband, Rhys Williams. (TV: Adrift)

Encounters with Torchwood Edit

After Gwen had joined Torchwood Three, she met Andy outside a nightclub where a man had been killed by Carys Fletcher, who was possessed by the Sex Gas. (TV: Day One) Like Gwen's boyfriend Rhys, he believed she had been promoted to "Special Ops". They also met at the scene of Guy Wildman's death. (PROSE: Another Life)

Andy requested Gwen's help after a Roman soldier had fallen through the Cardiff Rift only to murder two men and had been arrested. Jack and Gwen talked very frankly about what had happened in front of him. (TV: End of Days)

Andy was present at the murder scene of a man who was killed by Time Agent John Hart. (TV: Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang)

Owen Harper was ordered to help him on a cold case. He tried to explain about a missing set of girls. Owen traced them to an abandoned factory. Talking to the local shopkeeper, he went to Glynn Lewis's house and found some of the girls in the cellar. He wanted to get the girls out. He didn't know what a Weevil was. Glynn locked him in the the cellar and called him his son. He wanted to kill Jan's baby after discovering that it was half Weevil. Andy thought that Sonny was abusing the girls but Owen told him that it was Glynn. Glynn used a taser on him when Owen tried to escape. (AUDIO: Corpse Day)

Andy assisted Gwen with her investigation of Jonah Bevan's disappearance. During this, he revealed his affection for her and jealousy of Rhys. That was why he had not attended her wedding. He was also made aware that Gwen worked for Torchwood and showed interest in joining, but Gwen did not want him to. (TV: Adrift)

Andy called upon Gwen for assistance when Weevils began attacking his police station and, despite his jealousy, worked closely with Rhys. (TV: Exit Wounds)

In a night he believed to be the most stressful of his career, Andy got caught up in a zombie attack on Cardiff. Attending an incident at a house on Gabalfa Road, his police partner at this time, Dawn Stratton, was bitten by a zombie. He attempted to take her to St Helen's Hospital, but was unable to get through the hordes of zombies which appeared to be guarding the hospital building. He decided to drive her back to Police HQ instead, narrowly avoiding hitting Sophie Gould on the way. (PROSE: Bay of the Dead)

Andy discovered the true nature of Torchwood while they were investigating a girl who had fallen through the Rift from the future. (AUDIO: Asylum)

Andy arrested Luke Palmer on Castle Street and met Frances Godalming, who shot him after Cardiff was cordoned off to contain the Good Thinking virus. He was saved by an ambulance, but he was forced to abscond after the paramedic was affected by the virus. He was abducted by Heights Pharmaceuticals, who assumed that his being covered in blood meant that he was infected. He was taken to Cardiff Castle and became infected. He was saved by Torchwood. (AUDIO: Outbreak)

He used to tell his dates of Torchwood and once did this with a girl in Penarth. (AUDIO: The Torchwood Archive)

The 456 Incident Edit

Andy was at the aftermath of the bomb inside Jack Harkness which destroyed part of Cardiff Bay. He also helped Johnson find Gwen Cooper, being told she was a terrorist, by taking her to Gwen's flat. Gwen shot out the truck's tires and escaped with Rhys. (TV: Children of Earth: Day Two)

Andy later picked up Gwen and Rhys from the airport after returning from London. He was present when Gwen told Ianto's sister Rhiannon Davies about his death. Later, when the police and army started mobilising to bring the children to the 456, Andy joined in the riot against the authorities to protect the children. (TV: Children of Earth: Day Five)

Shortly following the events of the 456 incident, Andy was promoted to Sergeant. He secretly wondered if the promotion was to "shut him up" following his involvement with the incident. (PROSE: Long Time Dead)

Miracle Day Edit

After Gwen and Rhys went into hiding, in 2011, Andy phoned Gwen to tell her that her father had been hospitalised. Later, he was forced to assist Rex Matheson in extraditing Torchwood Three to America. (TV: The New World)

He accompanied Gwen and Rhys to the Cowbridge Overflow Camp, remarking that though the system was "bloody chaos", at least it worked. He tried to have Geraint Cooper released, claiming his removal was under police orders but was unsuccessful as the overflow camps were not in the control of the Welsh police. (TV: The Categories of Life)

Along with a Police AFO team, Andy helped save Gwen's family. Andy shot a man in the head, remarking that it was the first time that he had ever shot anyone. (TV: Immortal Sins)

After Gwen's father was taken back to the overflow camp, Andy used his status as a police officer to bring Rhys into the camp. While Rhys talked to Geraint, Andy sat with a young Category One girl, whose name was not known and did not seem to have anyone who cared about her. When the Miracle was reversed and she died normally, Andy was at her side, comforting her. (TV: The Blood Line)

The Shiva Virus Edit

Whilst investigating a double shooting, Andy became involved in the search for an alien weapon capable of destroying Britain. (AUDIO: Fallout)

Ready for the call Edit

By 2016, Andy was assisting Gwen as she returned to service as part of Torchwood with the emergence of new disturbances in space time in Cardiff following the apparent closure of the the Rift. This made him enthusiastic to be a part of Torchwood. (AUDIO: More Than This)

Andy investigates alien survivors

Andy investigates a group of alien survivors. (AUDIO: Ghost Mission)

Andy waited for his chance to join Torchwood, following his same routine every day. He was about to break his routine and ask a woman called Jane out on a date when he was interrupted by Norton Folgate, who claimed to be from Torchwood. He offered to evaluate Andy as an agent, and together they investigated a group of alien survivors from a crashed ship who had no corporeal form. Folgate then took Andy to see the Committee, who he claimed were the heads of Torchwood. They told him that a decision would be made about his future with Torchwood and that they would get back to him. Upon returning to his normal routine, Jane approached Andy, having been told by Folgate that she should ask him out on a date. (AUDIO: Ghost Mission)

Norton brought him back to the 1950s to help him on a case. Andy found himself naked in a bed with Norton chained to the bedstead in a burning building. He was taken to Norton's boyfriend for some clothes and to see an alien painting. He heard a voice coming from the painting. He went to find some alien artefacts in a Soho toilet but was arrested for gross indecency. He then tried to get himself off the charge by quoting police regulation. He then met with Fat Kim who tortured him with a lit cigar. After escaping Fat Kim and another raid at a brothel, Norton took him to an alien to try to remove the alien key in his head. Fat Kim caught up with him and found out about the key. The key was to a Martian tripod under Leicester square. Andy started to think that Norton brought him back so that he could cheat. He thought that Norton had set him up. (AUDIO: Goodbye Piccadilly)

Sorvix occupation Edit

Andy was aware of the Sorvix occupation. (AUDIO: Love Rat)

At diversity seminars, Andy and his fellow policemen were hypnotised by Professor Helen White to stir up their aggression, which was boosted by radios supplied by Ro-Jedda. The Sorvix planned to have policing outsourced to 3Sol following racially-aggravated police brutality, which came to pass after Andy shot and killed a refugee. As part of a deal with Jack, Ro-Jedda exonerated Andy and claimed that he had stopped a terrorist. Despite this, he told Nicki Owen that he planned to resign. (AUDIO: The Empty Hand)

Andy apparently changed his mind, but was given desk duty before being assigned to investigate the death of Michael Hughes. "Gwen Cooper" assisted him. Yvonne Hartman later introduced herself to Andy and invited him out to dinner. (AUDIO: Tagged)

Andy arrested Rory Owen after he saw him ranting about the arrival of God. (AUDIO: Herald of the Dawn)

God's arrival Edit

Yvonne and Andy

Andy and Yvonne. (AUDIO: Another Man's Shoes)

When Cardiff went blind, Andy managed to call Yvonne, whom he had barely spoken to since the explosion of Cardiff City Hall. The two hunted the predator with Andy shooting at it out of Yvonne's car. He was initially displeased with having been used as bait by her but later went home with her. (AUDIO: See No Evil)

Before Andy's meeting to discuss his shooting of a refugee, his and Yvonne's bodies were switched. As a result, Yvonne attended the meeting and repeatedly used retcon in order to make the meeting go as well as possible for Andy. (AUDIO: Another Man's Shoes)

After the Committee devastated Cardiff with a tsunami, (AUDIO: Eye of the Storm) Andy was appointed director of the Disaster Recovery Committee. (AUDIO: A Mother's Son) Jack Harkness believed that Andy had good reason to support the Committee's plan to wipe the world clean and thus deemed him a believable candidate as a spy for Torchwood. (AUDIO: Thoughts and Prayers)

Upon the Committee's defeat, Andy advised Torchwood to go on the run. Yvonne did not and returned to Andy, who arrested her. (AUDIO: Thoughts and Prayers)

Alternate timeline Edit

In an alternate timeline in which John Hart took control of the Torchwood Institute and became King of the British Empire, Andy requested the assistance of Torchwood Cardiff in dealing with a hostile alien who had taken hostages at a nightclub. John Hart, however, deemed the threat beneath him and ordered that it be neutralised with lethal force with no regards to collateral civilian casualties. (AUDIO: The Death of Captain Jack)

Personality Edit

Andy found glamorous police programmes like CSI: Crime Scene Investigation ridiculous, and seemed to be somewhat put out by Gwen's more inquisitive nature. (TV: Everything Changes) He was a pushover when it came to Gwen Cooper. Because he fancied her and was jealous of Rhys Williams, he did not attend her wedding. (TV: Adrift)

He winced at the sight of wounds. (PROSE: Bay of the Dead) Andy was very compassionate and was seen comforting a dying girl after the effects of Miracle Day were reversed. (TV: The Blood Line)

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