Androparg was a Talerian who spearheaded an attempted invasion of Earth. (PROSE: Apollo 23)

History Edit

When Professor Jackson began working on turning prisoners into Blanks as part of his plan to replace their minds with those of the dying, he was unaware that his equipment was giving off a signal to the Talerians that Androparg was able to follow to Base Diana on Earth's Moon. Androparg arrived while Jackson was setting up the process equipment for the first tests and was able to enter Jackson's body and possess the scientist.

Though Androparg was able to enter Jackson's body, it took him some time to suppress Jackson's consciousness fully and some mistakes were made. After gaining control of Jackson fully, Androparg made a back-up copy of his consciousness, but kept the real Jackson alive inside of himself so that he could access Jackson's memories and emotions to properly pose as him rather than erasing the original Jackson's mind. Androparg then continued Jackson's process of turning people into Blanks, but instead of replacing them with human consciousness's, Androparg replaced them with Talerian ones as a preface to an invasion of Earth so the Talerians could upload their minds into the bodies of humanity to replace their own frail forms. A failed early attempt was Liz Didbrook who Androparg successfully downloaded a Talerian consciousness into, but the process failed to complete and Liz remained in control with an alien mind within her, driving Liz insane. Early on, Androparg was able to transfer a Talerian mind into Nurse Phillips to aid him in his efforts. As well as using Blanks for hosts, Androparg turned Blanks who had not yet received a Talerian consciousness into effective puppets by restoring their original personality that would be deactivated to follow a set of programed instructions after which the original personality would return with no memory of what they did.

Eventually, Liz Didbrook sabotaged the quantum displacement equipment while Marty Garrett was outside of Base Diana, causing him to end up in a shopping centre instead of Base Hibiscus. As Liz had hoped, this drew attention, specifically from the Eleventh Doctor and Amy Pond. While the Doctor and Amy were observing the use of the process equipment, Jackson managed to regain control from Androparg long enough to transfer some of his memories to Prisoner Nine to attempt to warn the Doctor. The attempt failed ultimately due to Nurse Phillips quickly killing Prisoner Nine. While the Doctor was attempting to repair the quantum displacement equipment, Androparg chose to have it destroyed for good to cut the connection with Earth until everything was ready. Due to the Doctor's Time Lord biology he managed to survive and reach Base Hibiscus where Apollo 23 was launched to return the Doctor to the Moon to stop the invasion. At the same time, following some clues from Liz, Amy discovered the truth about the Blanks and the invasion. Though she attempted to enlist the aid of Captain Jim Reeve, he was under Talerian control and turned her over to Androparg. Unknown to the Talerians, an attempt to implant a Talerian mind into Major Andrea Carlisle had partially failed due to a power failure at a critical moment, leaving Carlisle with a Talerian mind within her but with Carlisle's own mind in control. Though Carlisle attempted to help Amy escape, she failed and Androparg turned her into a Blank.

After a failed attempt to use a Blanked Marty Garrett to kill the Doctor, Androparg made it look like Amy had managed to escape capture in an attempt to learn the Doctor's plans to stop him. By this point, nearly all of Base Diana was either Blanks or under the control of Talerian minds. The Doctor quickly saw through Amy's Blanked state and was captured by an overconfident Androparg. However, the Doctor was able to escape with the help of Carlisle and retrieve the back-up of Amy's mind. After Amy's mind was restored when she drank her back-up, the Doctor was able to devise a plan to restore the personnel of Base Diana and defeat Androparg's plan. As part of the plan, Carlisle locked all of the base's doors open and made it so that the fire suppression system couldn't be turned off. As Reeve attempted to stop him, the Doctor activated the fire suppression system with which he had filled with water and the back-ups of everyone on Base Diana. This led to the erasure of the Talerian minds and Blank programing once the water touched everyone's skin and eventually for the effected personnel to regain their original consciousness's.

While the Doctor's efforts restored everyone else back to normal, Androparg had removed Jackson's back-up from data storage at some point before the Doctor's return and remained unaffected. Seeing the effects of the Doctor's plan just as he was about to download a Talerian mind into Amy, Androparg retreated to Jackson's office where he signalled Taleria to send in a full invasion force. Androparg's invasion force was able to take control of Base Diana, trapping the personnel before he was confronted by the Doctor and Amy. Believing he'd won, Androparg showed the two Jackson's back-up, telling them that the real Jackson's mind was completely suppressed by his and was at this point nearly gone though he still struggled with Androparg for control. As they talked, the Doctor made himself and Androparg a cup of tea, with Androparg not noticing the Doctor switching the phial with Jackson's back-up for an empty one and putting the back-up into Androparg's tea. As the Doctor announced that this wasn't a trap for the humans but rather the Talerians, Androparg realised too late what the Doctor had done. Ingesting Jackson's back-up destroyed Androparg's mind and allowed Jackson to regain control of his body with full knowledge of everything Androparg had done while controlling him. Remorseful for his role in the whole incident, Jackson used a Talerian gun to blow out the window in his office, blowing Jackson into space and killing him and anything that might've remained of Androparg within him. The pressure change caused by Jackson's actions killed the Talerian invasion force and the Doctor was then able to dismantle Jackson's equipment, preventing any other Talerians from picking up where Androparg left off. (PROSE: Apollo 23)

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