Andromeda Ross was a member of the Church of the Outsiders and daughter of Steve and Val Ross. Some time after her father died in 1993 and her mother took over, Andromeda left due to what she saw as the increasing soullessness of the Church. She had visited mental institutions a number of times.

Gwen Cooper found Andromeda as part of Torchwood Cardiff's investigation into the Church. She manipulated Gwen in order to get access to the Hub for her and the Greys. She opened the Rift to give people undeniable proof of the existence of alien life but nobody came; Jack Harkness convinced her that nobody really cared about outer space.

Gwen and Toshiko Sato agreed that Whitecliff was the best place for her. Jack told them not to retcon her, as she would not be believed. (AUDIO: Believe)

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