Andrew Sachs (born Andreas Siegfried Sachs, 7 April 1930-23 November 2016[1]) was a German-born English character actor who provided the voice of Skagra in the webcast/audio version of Shada, based upon a Season 17 Doctor Who story that was never completed. Sachs also played a non-DWU version of Professor Chronotis for the radio adaptation of Douglas Adams' non-Doctor Who novel Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency.

Sachs played Adric in the Big Finish Productions production The Boy That Time Forgot, Crassostrea in Orbis, and the Doctor's scarf in Aladdin Time.

Sachs was best known for playing Basil Fawlty's hapless Spanish waiter Manuel in the classic 1970s comedy series Fawlty Towers (1975, 1979), opposite John Cleese.

In 2008, Sylvester McCoy suggested that Sachs would make the best replacement for David Tennant, soon to leave the role of the Tenth Doctor. Following the departure of Colin Baker from the role, Sachs had auditioned for the role of the Seventh Doctor in 1987, but McCoy was cast instead.

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