Andrew Ross was a junior doctor operating at Parkland Memorial Hospital. He had been there for a few months prior to 23 November, 1963, and served as the protege of Dr Mairi Ellison. Sometime before 23 November, his wife, Sophie, was killed in a car accident with another man, Chet, while on her way to a Fort Worth motel, though she had told her husband that she was visiting her sick mother in Austin. Her death destroyed him, causing him to take some time off from his job. He had only returned to the hospital recently.

On 23 November, Andrew was one of the first victims of the Shroud, who created the face of his late wife in the remains of a burst blood bag. The Shroud, posing as his wife, started to insult and mock him, saying that she was always in love with another man and that she wanted him to find out about the affair. Mairi and Clara Oswald tried to tell him that it was not really his wife, but he didn't listen. After the blood pool was cleaned up with a rag and the face was eliminated, Andrew placed himself in front of an open window. Clara and Mairi tried to alleviate him, but Sophie's face reformed in the rag, and insulted him one last time. Holding his hand, Mairi asked him to calm down so they could talk, but Andrew simply said that he had to be with Sophie before jumping out of the window. (PROSE: Shroud of Sorrow)

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