Andrew James Powell was a student at Winterborne School.

Biography Edit

Andrew shared a room at Winterborne with Christian Purcell and Luke Pendrell, with whom he was friends. He stayed at the school during Whitsun in 1995, being told that he could go home in a week "with good behaviour". He hated the school and would have done anything to leave.

Andrew, Christian and Luke found Barbara Taploe's dog Badger's body in the woods and later learnt about Isaac Greatorex and the history of the school from Christian, who tickled him and made him uncomfortable. He followed Luke into the loft that night after hearing him sneak out and was scared by a figure in a sheet. The next morning, he believed that Luke was missing and informed Gavin Purcell. When he turned up, he apologised to Liz Shaw for wasting her time.

Andrew saw Luke and Christian kissing. On Luke's birthday, he and Christian brought him a cake and found him dead with Gavin Purcell stood over him holding a rope. Andrew did not believe that Purcell had done it and wondered if it had been suicide. When Taploe found Badger's collar in Christian's suitcase, Andrew did not lie for him and was taken captive by him after Taploe was killed. Christian planned to kill Andrew to resurrect Greatorex, by whom he was possessed. However, he was saved by Liz and D.I. Burke with Christian vanishing into thin air. (HOMEVID: The Devil of Winterborne)

Months later, Andrew returned to the school after a period of time away recovering from the traumatic ordeal, deciding that it was best to confront things. He had visions of Christian who tried to convince him to kill any one of his fellow students. He was visited by Liz, who told him that Christian's body had been found. He hoped that that would mean an end to his nightmares.

Andrew agreed to show the attic to Max Rosenberg where he revealed that he was being manipulated by Greatorex. He stabbed and killed Max and drank some of his blood. After Greatorex appeared, he jumped on his back whilst Margaret Wyndham and Liz banished him. He told Liz that he planned to remain at the school to finish his exams. (HOMEVID: Ghosts of Winterborne)

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