Andrew Edwardson was a human who looked like the Fifth Doctor.

As history stated that the Doctor died at the Bumptious Gastropod whilst in his fifth incarnation, River Song took Andrew from his house to the Gastropod. River then replaced Andrew in the Doctor's place, so when he met Kovarian and Brooke, they thought he was the Doctor.

Andrew then realised what he was there for and went mad, shooting the staff and customers of the restaurant, only stopping when Brooke seemingly killed the Doctor. (AUDIO: My Dinner with Andrew)

In reality, a future incarnation of Brooke had decided to side with River and turn against Kovarian, she took River's vortex manipulator and travelled back to the Bumptious Gastropod where she convinced Andrew to take the Doctor's place, deceiving him into being killed by her earlier incarnation in the Doctor's place. (AUDIO: The Furies)

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