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Andrew Collins was a frequent interviewee during the first two series of Doctor Who Confidential, usually talking about how the classic series was relevant to series 1 and 2. He appeared on no fewer than fourteen episodes during the 2005 and 2006 series of the programme. He has also lent his voice to audio Doctor Who. As confirmed by the liner notes for the Big Finish Doctor Who audio story LIVE 34, he played the character of Drew Shahan, an entertainment personality not unlike Collins himself.

Outside of Doctor Who, he is a longstanding television critic for The Guardian and a frequent pundit on pop culture documentaries for British television. He's also written some television episodes, most notably for EastEnders, Grass and Not Going Out. It was for the last programme that he won a Royal Television Society Award, which he shared with the series' star and co-writer Lee Mack.

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