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Andredocelus (Andred for short) was a Time Lord of Gallifrey and the husband of Leela. Later, he took on the identity of Celestial Intervention Agency agent Torvald.


Early life[]

Andredocelus (AUDIO: Insurgency) came from a long line of military ordinals. (PROSE: Lungbarrow) He belonged to the Arcalian Chapter, (AUDIO: Insurgency) his family being the House of Deeptree (AUDIO: Lies) or the House of Redlooms. (PROSE: Lungbarrow)

Staring into the Untempered Schism at the age of eight, Andred was inspired by what he saw. (PROSE: A Brief History of Time Lords) He attended the military academy (PROSE: Doctor Who and the Invasion of Time) and became Commander of the Chancellery Guard. (TV: The Invasion of Time)

Incarnations of Andred[]

Andred was a Commander of the Chancellery Guard. He organised the Time Lords opposed to the Fourth Doctor's presidency after he had helped the Vardans invade. Leela fell in love with Andred and stayed on Gallifrey with him, accompanied by K9 Mark I. (TV: The Invasion of Time, et al.)

In a confrontation with Torvald, he and Andred shot each other. Torvald was killed outright while Andred was forced to regenerate. Sensing an opportunity, the new incarnation of Andred changed clothes with the unrecognisable corpse of Torvald and claimed his identity when found by guards. Under his new identity, Andred, continued to act as Narvin's loyal henchman in the hopes of uncovering any plot, sometimes working with Presidential bodyguard Leela. (AUDIO: A Blind Eye, et al.)


By the Last Great Time War, Commander Andred was recognised for Orcini and the Battle of Vavetron, which the Dalek Combat Training Manual acknowledged as an "excellent treatise" avaliable in the Panopticon Library. This text was recommended for recruits seeking more information on the battle tactics of the Grand Order of Oberon. (PROSE: Dalek Combat Training Manual)

Alternative timelines[]

In an alternative timeline in which it was standard policy for the Time Lords to sell their temporal technology to the highest bidder and regenerations could be extracted and sold, Andred married Romana, who never travelled with the Doctor, and they had a son named Antonin. After his death, his widow resided in her ancestral home, the House of Heartshaven. (AUDIO: Reborn)

In another alternative timeline in which the Time Lords regularly altered history through the Temporal Intervention Agency, Andred served as the commander of the Chancellery Guard under Lady President Romana. (AUDIO: Disassembled)

In another alternative timeline, he fought against the Daleks and evacuated the capitol but was exterminated in the process. (AUDIO: Extermination)

In a parallel universe where the Sixth Doctor led Gallifrey in the War, Andred was Castellan Captain of the Glorious Aspect of Omega and the Sacred Might of Gallifrey. Empowered by newfound temporal manipulation abilities, the enemy was able to destroy the ships. (PROSE: The Quantum Archangel)

Behind the scenes[]

At the end of Lungbarrow, the Seventh Doctor learns that Leela is carrying Andred's child. Noting that half-human, half-Gallifreyan is an "unusual pedigree", the Doctor tells her to "just call him after me". The implication is that the child will eventually travel back in time and become the Other, who ultimately dissolves himself in the Loom network to be reborn as the Doctor. Marc Platt later confirmed this: "I don't know whether anybody picked up on that little hint that this is actually a time loop! ... Yup! I'm very naughty! Leela and Andred are ... Oh, dear! Perhaps I shouldn't have mentioned it? The implications are far too horrific to contemplate!" (DWM 305)