Anastasia Romanov

Anastasia Romanov, also known as Cousin Anastasia, was a member of the Romanovs, the ruling family of Russia, at the time of the Russian Revolution of 1917. Though believed to have died, Anastasia was rescued by Faction Paradox's Cult of Celebrity Death and indicted into the Faction as Cousin-thrice-removed Anastasia, later becoming one of its most famously rebellious members.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Life on Earth[edit | edit source]

Anastasia Romanov was born the third daughter of Nicholas II. (PROSE: The Death of Empire) Following the Russian Revolution of 1917, the Romanov family was imprisoned in a house in Ekaterinburg. On 16 July she encountered Barbara Wright and Susan Foreman, who had gained entry to the home by posing as nuns to pray with the family. The pair had landed in the city earlier the same day in the Doctor's TARDIS and were sent on an excursion to learn the layout of the home by Thomas Preston, who hoped to rescue the family. Anastasia found a friend in Susan, who was of a similar age and felt great compassion towards the young princess and her family for the terrible fates they would suffer. Susan taught her a meditation technique that allowed her to slow her bodily functions to a degree that mimicked death. (AUDIO: Last of the Romanovs) Anastasia and her four siblings, along with her parents, were seemingly executed in the summer of 1918 following the Revolution; her body was disposed of on 17 July, (PROSE: The Death of Empire) with Pieter Stubbe implied that he had eaten her remains. (AUDIO: Loups-Garoux) After being forced to leave Russia and the Romanov family to their fates, Susan hoped that the mediation technique she taught Anastasia could allow her to escape execution by giving the appearance that she was already dead to her executioners. (AUDIO: Last of the Romanovs)

A new lease of life[edit | edit source]

Anna Anderson later claimed to be Anastasia, having avoided her execution, though a DNA test later proved otherwise; (PROSE: The Death of Empire) but the real Anastasia did in fact survive thanks to the intervention of the Cult of Celebrity Death, a Faction Paradox subgroup who would abduct individuals famous for their deaths a few days before they met their demise, and leave a biodata duplicate to die in their place while recruiting the real deal into the Faction. (PROSE: The Book of the War)

Anastasia consequently became a member of Faction Paradox in the Eleven-Day Empire. She tried to teach Octavia Sutherland Russian. (PROSE: Warring States)

The Thirteen-Day Republic[edit | edit source]

Guided by Father Dyavol, none other than a resurrected Faction-conditioned form of her mentor Grigori Rasputin, Anastasia rebelled against the Faction and formed the Thirteen-Day Republic, recruiting the ghosts of five hundred Bolshevik soldiers (the Red Burial) as her personal guard by making them see that she had, herself, become a revolutionary. She soon became the Republic's dictator, and the stress eventually drove her paranoid.

After Faction forces, led by Cousin Octavia and joined by Anastia's own private guard the Red Burial, defeated the Republic in the Battle of Valentine's Day, Anastasia surrendered and, as punishment, was inserted into history three times, each time being mistaken for an impostor, (PROSE: The Book of the War) much like the earlier-mentioned Anna Anderson. (PROSE: The Death of Empire)

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