Anastasia Romanov, also known as Cousin Anastasia, was a member of the Romanovs, the ruling family of Russia. She was the third daughter of Nicholas II. Anastasia and her four siblings, along with her parents, were executed in the summer of 1918. Her body was disposed of on 17 July. (PROSE: The Death of Empire) Pieter Stubbe implied that he had eaten her. (AUDIO: Loups-Garoux)

Anastasia became a member of Faction Paradox in the Eleven-Day Empire. She tried to teach Octavia Sutherland Russian. (PROSE: Warring States) Guided by Father Dyavol, Anastasia rebelled and formed the Thirteen-Day Republic. She became the Republic's dictator, and the stress eventually drove her paranoid. After Faction forces, led by Cousin Octavia, defeated the Republic in the Battle of Valentine's Day, Anastasia surrendered and, as punishment, was inserted into history three times, each time being mistaken for an imposter. (PROSE: The Book of the War)

Anna Anderson claimed to be Anastasia, having avoided her execution. A DNA test later proved that Anna was not Anastasia. (PROSE: The Death of Empire)

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