Ana Maria Carla Perez de Calixtro was a girl from Callahuanca. Every year on Christmas morning, she visited her father's grave. She chose to go alone so she could spend some time alone with her father, as she had promised him before he died.

One Christmas, she saw an elderly woman and a man in a scarf. She thought the woman might be her grandmother. For the next few years, she saw the two at her father's grave on Christmas morning.

When Ana left Callahuanca to go to university, she still returned home often, and continued to visit her father's grave on Christmas morning. One Christmas, she encountered the Fourth Doctor, alone this time, who didn't recognise her. After an earthquake destroyed the cemetery, she told the Doctor of her promise to her father, and he said he would come back for her in about forty years to visit her father's grave. She then realised that the elderly woman she had seen before was herself. (PROSE: Callahuanca)

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