An Ill Wind was a Doctor Who Adventures comic story featuring the Eleventh Doctor and Decky Flamboon.

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China in the year 620, and a robotic dragon in the sky is terrifying the local villagers.

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When the Doctor and Decky Flamboon arrive in China in 620, they were not expecting the tornado and rain that they faced. Nor was one of the locals expecting to see a second dragon! The Doctor explains that Decky isn't another dragon — just a talking Brancheerian! The local explains that the dragon flying above them is responsible for the rain and storms, it arrived a few days previous and was greeted with a celebration of fireworks and believed to bring good omens bringing rain to nourish the crops — not floods and winds to bring down buildings. The Doctor on investigating some "scales" scattered on the ground helps him realise that the dragon was actually an Andrassi Warship — a robotic unmanned space vessel sent ahead to batter worlds into submission. The Doctor believes the destructive programming must have kicked in automatically on arriving on Earth. As the robot begins another assault the Doctor uses his sonic screwdriver to super-charge some nearby fireworks turning them into missiles. In a brilliant display of colour, the robot dragon is destroyed. As impressive as it is, Decky still wants to see the Great Wall.

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  • The "clue" to the dragon being a robot comes from the Doctor examining green panels scattered around on the ground but there is no direct explanation of these being "scales" or indeed why they should have fallen off/been discarded.

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