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An Eye For Murder was the third story in the audio anthology, Breaking Bubbles and Other Stories, which comprised the one hundred and eighty-eighth release in Big Finish's monthly range. It was written by Una McCormack and featured Colin Baker as the Sixth Doctor and Nicola Bryant as Peri Brown.

Publisher's summary[]

The year is 1939, and a case of poison pen letters at St Ursula's College threatens to change the course of the Second World War. Fortunately thriller writer Miss Sarah Perry is on hand to investigate...


Dr Joan Dalton meets and talks with Dr Ruth Hortwitz. Meanwhile the Doctor and Peri explore St. Ursula college campus trying to detect some strange energy readings. Peri is mistaken for an expected arriving author Sarah Peri by Dr Petherbridge and is invited to tea, despite not wanting to go but the Doctor insists she does so he has a chance to get inside St. Ursula's to find the source of the mysterious energy readings. They tea with Dr Petherbridge who tells them of an on-going incident in which physicist Dr. Horwitz is being sent anonymous threat letters written in poison ink and charges a reluctant Peri to investigate, not wanting to tell the police for fear of further persecution. Peri vists Dr Horwtiz and looks at the letters, discovering that Dr Horwitz is a Jew who fled Europe and the letters threaten her on account of her Jewish identity. The Doctor, meanwhile, is warned to not wonder about and is left to his own devices when he wonders off to find the energy source and is discovered by Dr Joan Dalton who warns him that he must hide in order to not give a poor impression to undergraduate students.

Peri questions Dr Backhouse who tells Peri to talk to Doctor Dalton, claiming her politics betray her. The Doctor and Peri meet up to discuss the situation and Peri reveals that Doctor Backhouse pointed her to Doctor Dalton. Just then the announcement for the declaration of war is heard over the college speakers, announcing the beginning of World War II. Later Peri and the Doctor discuss their suspects when suddenly Ruth bursts in exclaiming that someone tried to kill her while she was working.

Ruth describes the encounter while the Doctor notices the readings are becoming stronger. The Doctor asks Ruth how she escaped but they don't quite understand her explanation. They hold a meeting in Doctor Petherbridge's office to decide what to do next. They suspect Doctor Dalton given her communist leanings and her alibi that she approached Doctor Horwitz to see if she held similar leanings and the police are called and Doctor Dalton is escroted away to prison. Doctor Horwitz bursts in after Dalton is taken away saying it's been a mistake. She and Peri walk back to her room, only to find the door open and the Doctor inside, saying he has discovered the source of the readings coming from the room and interrogates Ruth. They discover that Ruth was given a family heirloom as a girl and was curious about its properties, and so studied physics so she could further investigate the mysterious object. The Doctor realises that it is a petrified alien eye that has the ability to cloak other, albeit small, objects due its properties. Ruth explains that there are many people after the artifact, primarily the Nazis and that her family, who are in Vienna, are being held hostage for it by Dr Backhouse. They expect Dr Backhouse has fled with the artifact so the Doctor goes with the police in pursuit of Backhouse, assuming she hasn't gontten far. However, the further car gets, the more the energy readings die down and the Doctor realises he's made a huge mistake.

Peri, Dr Petherbridge and Ruth celebrate but Peri reveals she's uneasy as she thought Backhouse would have put up more of a fight... but then they hear a noise and discover that Backhouse was hiding amongst them and never left the college using the artifact eye to hide herself the whole time. Peri and the others pursue her and the doctor arrives just in time and chases after Backhouse as the others are not able to keep up in order to stop her as she poses a danger to the girls in the dorms. He tries to pursuade Backhouse to give him the eye when they reach the roof as rain falls, making it slippery, but Backhouse refuses. She suddenly sees her hand and legs beginning to disappear and the Doctor tells her that it is the dark vaccuum energy effecting her at molecular level and destabilising her and explains he can only save her if she throws away the eye but she refuses, however, missing her limbs she slips and falls off the roof, destabilising completely as she hits the ground while the eye shatters and breaks much to the others' despair.

In the epilogue it is revealed that Ruth's notes on the eye were lost as they flew out the window after her room was ransacked but her family managed to flee Vienna and make it to Paris and are now on their way join Ruth in Britain, and the Doctor suspects that without a hostage to threaten Ruth with Backhouse now had to act quickly. The department asks the Doctor to address the college but the Doctor defers the duty to Peri who says she'd love to but needs to get her notes she left in the police box near the campus and they slip away, Peri merely using "fetching the notes" as an excuse.



  • Dr Petherbridge mistakes the Doctor and Peri for a couple.
  • The Doctor is a dab hand at typing and with a typewriter.
  • The energy readings are dark energy fluctuations.
  • Dr Joan Dalton is an economist as the Doctor claims.
  • Adolf Hitler and Jospeh Stalin are mentioned.