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An Apple a Day... was a short story printed in Tales of Trenzalore: The Eleventh Doctor's Last Stand. It was written by George Mann.


As harvest time nears on Trenzalore, Pieter comes across a plant in his apple orchard that attacks him. He blacks out and wakes up craving meat.

In the town of Christmas Theol tells the Doctor he's seen the "Green Man," come to bless their harvest. The Doctor is skeptical, but they journey into the forest and come across an inert Krynoid pod. Knowing there's another pod, they visit the orchard and are attacked by the apple trees.

They eventually find the Krynoid feeding on cows in the farmhouse and lure it towards the clock tower in town. The Doctor gets the villagers to throw snowballs and water at the Kyrnoid, slowing it down until it freezes, with the Doctor ringing the tower bell to shatter it.

The remains of the Krynoid are used as a funeral pyre for Pieter and to celebrate the harvest.



  • The Doctor claims he's 1500, give or take a few hundred years.
  • The Doctor tells Handles that he used to know a dog who had the same conversational skills.
  • Krynoid pods are roughly the size of Handle's Cyberman head.
  • The Krynoid intends to "colonise" Trenzalore, the Doctor saying "someone" sent them.
  • Theol sees the crack inside the clock tower.


  • The title comes from the adage "an apple a day keeps the doctor away," which was partially quoted by the Fifth Doctor in Kinda.