On 26 June 2010, the Eleventh Doctor attended the wedding of Amy Pond and Rory Williams, bride and groom respectively. (TV: The Big Bang)

Engagement Edit

Living in Leadworth, Amy and Rory were friends since childhood along with Mels. After ten years, when the pair were young adults, Amy believed that Rory was gay as she did not see him show any interest in girls. As Mels helped Amy realise, Rory infact did not show interest in any girl other than her. (TV: Let's Kill Hitler)

By 2008, when Rory was introduced to Amy's "imaginary friend", the "Raggedy Doctor", he was Amy's boyfriend, or "kind of boyfriend" as Amy put it. By 2010, Amy and Rory were engaged to be married on 26 June. (TV: The Eleventh Hour) In anticipation of the event, the pair got engagement rings, as well a wedding dress for Amy. Rory did not let Amy wear her ring to prevent her from losing it. (TV: The Eleventh Hour, The Hungry Earth, The Pandorica Opens)

On the night of 25 June, the eve of the wedding, the Doctor returned and Amy joined him on his travels in the TARDIS. (TV: The Eleventh Hour) Eventually, the Doctor returned Amy home, where only five minutes had passed. Just prior to midnight, Amy tried to seduce the Doctor. (TV: Flesh and Stone) Following this, the Doctor appeared at Rory's stag party, where he accidentally revealed that Amy had kissed him. To rectify the situation, the Doctor took Rory aboard the TARDIS for a trip with Amy, which he offered as a wedding present. Following a visit to Venice, the Doctor intended to proceed to the Leadworth Registry Office, though Rory suggested that he return to the stag party. Amy, however, asked him to stay with them as they continued their travelling, to which Rory accepted. (TV: The Vampires of Venice)

In Cwmtaff in 2020, Rory was shot dead by Restac, a Silurian, while saving the Doctor next to a crack in time. His body was then consumed by the crack, resulting in Rory being erased from history. As Rory was tied to Amy's personal history, her memory of him was likewise erased despite being a time traveller. However, Rory was remembered by the Doctor. (TV: Cold Blood) With no memory of Rory, Amy continued travelling with the Doctor. Despite the loss of Rory, Amy's ring remained and was kept in the TARDIS, where Amy eventually found it. (TV: The Lodger)

In 102, the Doctor and Amy came across Rory, who appeared as a Roman soldier. Remembering that he had died, Rory found that Amy did not remember him, though the Doctor urged him to make her remember as he gave him her ring. Rory approached Amy, who began to cry while feeling happy; indeed, her memories gradually returned. Unbeknownst to the pair, however, Rory was now an Auton of the Nestene Consciousness; as River Song and the Doctor found out too late, the Alliance had constructed a trap to lure the Doctor to the Underhenge, where he was sealed within the Pandorica in order to prevent him from supposedly causing the cracks which would destroy the multiverse. As this happened, Rory, after revealing Amy's ring, involuntarily shot her with his Auton wrist-gun. Since the Doctor was not infact responsible for the cracks, the TARDIS was destroyed by the Silence, causing a total event collapse which resulted in all stars going supernova. (TV: The Pandorica Opens)

As the eye of the storm, Earth remained, with the explosion of the TARDIS taking the place of its sun. The Doctor was able to escape from the Pandorica thanks to a future version of himself, using River Song's vortex manipulator. Appearing before Rory, the Doctor had Amy's body taken to the Pandorica, where she would ultimately be revived. Over the millennia, the Pandorica was protected by Rory, who became known as "the Lone Centurion".

Finally, in 1996, Amy was revived and met her childhood self in the alternate timeline, while reuniting with the Doctor, River and Rory, now working as a security guard in the National Museum where the Pandorica was now kept. As the Pandorica contained a few billion atoms of the former universe, the Doctor was able to reverse the total event collapse by flying the Pandorica into the heart of the exploding TARDIS, sending the Pandorica restoration field across every point in time, therefore restoring the universe by re-creating the Big Bang. However, as the Doctor was at the heart of the explosion, he would not exist in the rebooted universe as he was trapped in the neverspace, the Void between the worlds. Though all memory of him would be purged from the universe, the Doctor urged Amy to remember before performing Big Bang Two. (TV: The Big Bang)

The wedding Edit

After Big Bang Two, Amy awoke at her home on the morning of 26 June, 2010, where she found her parents, Tabetha and Augustus Pond, had returned after being erased by the crack in her childhood. As she met with Rory, Amy had the feeling that she had forgotten something.

At the reception, as her father prepared a speech, Amy began to spontaneously shed tears for no apparent reason. Finding a blank book, Amy was told by Rory that it had been left for her by a woman; unbeknownst to him at the time, the woman was River Song, who observed the wedding from outside, and the book was her diary. Amy then interrupted her father's speech, announcing that someone important was missing. Recalling her imaginary friend, the "Raggedy Doctor", Amy spoke out loud to him, revealing that she remembered him and telling him that he was late for her wedding. Soon after, the Doctor's TARDIS materialised, with Rory quickly remembering the Doctor and being "plastic". As expected, from out of the TARDIS stepped the Doctor, dressed in a suit and introducing himself as Amy's imaginary friend.

The Doctor declined Amy's offer for a kiss, announcing that he would leave the duties to Rory, "the brand new Mister Pond". Claiming that he had only came for the dancing, the Doctor proceeded to move his "box" to make space, parking the TARDIS outside Amy's house. Indeed, the Doctor, much to Amy's embarrassment, performed the drunk giraffe as he danced into the night (TV: The Big Bang) "with everyone", recalling that the women were "all brilliant" while the men were "a bit shy". (TV: Let's Kill Hitler)

Stepping outside, the Doctor returned to the TARDIS by Amy's house, where he returned River's diary to her; as his existence was restored, the writing in her diary had returned. After River took her leave, the Doctor entered the TARDIS, where he was followed by Amy and Rory. Claiming that he was busy, the Doctor noted that the Silence, who had perpetrated the destruction of his TARDIS, were still waiting somewhere. However, he was interrupted by a telephone call, alerting him to an Egyptian goddess loose on the Orient Express, in space. Setting off in the TARDIS, the Doctor was joined by Amy and Rory. (TV: The Big Bang)

Notable absences from the wedding included Brian Williams, Rory's father, (TV: The Big Bang, Dinosaurs on a Spaceship) and Mels who, despite being Amy and Rory's "best mate", did not attend as she did not "do weddings". (TV: Let's Kill Hitler)

Still within their wedding night, Amy and Rory took to their bedroom aboard the TARDIS. While the TARDIS was in flight within the Time Vortex, the married couple consummated their marriage, (TV: A Good Man Goes to War) despite the presence of a bunk bed in their room. (TV: The Doctor's Wife) It was later determined that this resulted in the conception of their daughter, born Melody Pond. As the child was conceived in and thus exposed to the Time Vortex, this caused her to be susceptible to exploitation by the Silence who, intended to create an assassin to kill the Doctor, discreetly abducted Amy while she was pregnant. Through modifications, the baby, though mostly human, became a Proto-Time Lord with the ability to regenerate. Doing so a total of two times, she later became known as Mels, then finally River Song, (TV: Let's Kill Hitler, A Good Man Goes to War) who would marry the Doctor, making Amy and Rory his in-laws. (TV: The Wedding of River Song)

Honeymoon Edit

To celebrate their honeymoon, the Doctor took Amy and Rory on a series of travels. Back on Earth, people such as Brian Williams were led to believe that the pair had gone to Thailand. (TV: Dinosaurs on a Spaceship) While leaving the couple at a honeymoon planet, a planet on a honeymoon with an asteroid, the Doctor lost and subsequently retrieved the TARDIS from the Shansheeth. (TV: Death of the Doctor) Amy and Rory later boarded a luxury spaceship, dressing as a policewoman and centurion respectively. Unfortunately, their journey was interrupted when the craft lost control in the skies above Sardicktown. (TV: A Christmas Carol)

Marriage Edit

Amy used the mental image of her wedding to represent delight. (TV: The Doctor's Wife)

Later, Amy accidentally married Henry VIII on her and Rory's wedding anniversary. (TV: The Power of Three)

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