A version of Amy Pond was from an alternate timeline where she was trapped in the Two Streams Facility of Apalapucia for thirty-six years. (TV: The Girl Who Waited)

History[edit | edit source]

Becoming trapped[edit | edit source]

Following the Eleventh Doctor's orders, Amy hid herself in the room containing the Two Streams Facility temporal engines on Apalapucia. At some point shortly after she found her hiding spot, Amy began crying and was contacted by Rory through the time glass from thirty-six years in her future. Amy attempted to convince her future self to help the Doctor and Rory save her, but her future self refused as she didn't want to die which is what she saw being erased from existence along with her timeline as being. Due to the future Amy's refusal to help, the Doctor and Rory were forced to leave this Amy behind and leave Two Streams with her future self. (TV: The Girl Who Waited)

Trapped[edit | edit source]

Over the next thirty-six years, Amy remained trapped in Two Streams in a struggle to survive. She managed to gain a club and a sword as weapons as well as armour fashioned from a Handbot. During this time, Amy was able to reprogram the Interface to answer any question she asked except for how to escape the facility. Amy created a sonic device similar to the Doctor's sonic screwdriver that she called a sonic probe which allowed her to reprogram the Handbot's black box to avoid detection amongst other things and "disarmed" a Handbot she named Rory to act as a pet to give Amy company so she wouldn't be completely alone. Amy went so far as to paint on the Handbot to make it look more like Rory and trained it in a few human behaviours. (TV: The Girl Who Waited)

A late rescue[edit | edit source]

After thirty-six years alone, Amy, now bitter and resentful, met Rory in the art gallery entertainment section of the facility when he and the Eleventh Doctor finally arrived to rescue her. Amy saved Rory from a Handbot and revealed her aged state to his shock as the TARDIS had locked onto Amy's timestream, but at the wrong point which had not been realised by Rory and the Doctor.

Amy took Rory back to her hideout by the temporal engines and remained mostly cold and distant from her husband who was more distressed by the idea that they hadn't gotten to grow old together than that she had grown old. Still bitter at the lack of rescue for thirty-six years, Amy took Rory to the garden entertainment zone so that the Doctor could question the Interface for useful information on how to rescue her younger self. During this time, Amy laughed for the first time in thirty-six years while sharing a joke with Rory and saved his life from a Handbot. Though the Doctor was able to get the information he needed to bring the younger Amy into the present, Amy refused to help as it would mean that she would never exist and she didn't want to die.

As Amy had witnessed thirty-six years earlier, Rory used the time glass to allow Amy to speak with her younger self in an attempt to change her mind. Amy remembered how the first time around, it was her own refusal to help that caused her to get stuck in Two Streams and faced with the same situation, made the same choice as her own future self had. Though Amy insisted that her younger self would make the same choice when she got to Amy's position, the younger Amy asked her future self three words: "what about Rory?" The two Amys nostalgically recalled all of their happy times with Rory and their love for him. The younger Amy was finally able to get the older Amy to agree to help for the sake of Rory. (TV: The Girl Who Waited)

Saving herself[edit | edit source]

After her discussion with the younger Amy, Amy announced to Rory and the Eleventh Doctor that she would help them for the sake of Rory. However, her one demand was that she be taken along in the TARDIS with them so that she too could live. Though the Doctor stated that it would be difficult, he claimed that the TARDIS could hold the paradox of two Amys in place. After learning of the way the two Amys conversation went originally the Doctor suggested that Amy knowing her own future was what would allow her to change it.

Now acting more like her old self, Amy aided the Doctor and Rory in using the temporal engines to bring her younger self forward in time by focusing on the memory of her first kiss with Rory while her younger self did the same. The presence of two Amys shorted out Rory's glasses and the group's connection to the Doctor. Working together, the two Amys took out three Handbots and the Amys and Rory made a run for the TARDIS to escape. While together, the Amys squabbled with Rory caught in the middle and the older Amy suggested that once free of the facility, she would take the opportunity to travel and occasionally visit her other self and Rory.

Under attack by Handbots, the three battled their way into the art gallery where the TARDIS was parked. Amy focused on destroying all the Handbots in their way and stayed back as the other Amy and Rory went on to cover them by eliminating all of their enemies. When Amy was done, she found Rory carrying her unconscious younger self which reminded her forcefully of who she once was. To Amy's shock, the Doctor locked her out of the TARDIS as he had lied that the TARDIS could sustain the paradox of two Amys.

As Amy banged on the TARDIS doors and demanded to be let in, a conflicted Rory was left with the decision of whether or not to open the door. Holding a final conversation with her husband, Amy ordered him not to open the door if he truly loved her and effectively gave up her life to the younger Amy, telling Rory that she was giving them her days so that Rory and Amy could grow old together as she had never been able to due to getting trapped. Reluctantly, Rory agreed to her wishes to be left behind.

Facing the end of her life and faced with five Handbots, Amy chose to have the Interface show her an image of Earth, the planet she had left so long before and would never return to. Nostalgically telling the Interface the beginning of a story about Rory, Amy was anesthetized by the Handbots. As the Handbots went to deliver their medicine to her, the TARDIS dematerialised.(TV: The Girl Who Waited) According to one account, she was rescued by Faction Paradox and later became known as Wade. (PROSE: A Farewell to Arms)

Skills and abilities[edit | edit source]

Amy became a skilled fighter and a toughened survivor with experience avoiding and battling the Handbots, using weapons scavenged from the facility to fight them off. She could capably overpower platoons of them with little trouble 36 years into her imprisonment. Amy was smart enough to reprogram the Interface to help her and create a sonic probe, an act that surprised and impressed the Doctor. She displayed a detailed knowledge of the facility's areas and had the Handbots schedule memorised so that she would know when it was safe to visit the entertainment areas. Amy went so far as to reprogram a Handbot she named Rory which she saw as a pet and appeared to have taught it a few human behaviours. (TV: The Girl Who Waited)

Personality[edit | edit source]

While originally starting out the same as the original Amy Pond, this version of Amy changed greatly over her thirty-six years trapped in the Two Streams Facility on Apalapucia.

Amy's experiences turned her bitter, particularly as the Eleventh Doctor and Rory had never rescued her. At one point, Amy stated that while she initially thought good of the Doctor, her long incarceration caused her to hate him. Amy saw her time trapped in Two Streams as equivalent to death, stating that while most people entered Two Streams to live, she entered it to die and called her life "hell." In this state, she showed little care that Rory was even with her and told him to "stay safe or whatever" if he chose to join her. Because of her bleak outlook on life, she called her sonic device a "sonic probe" rather than a screwdriver because she "wasn't on a romp" like the Doctor and simply called the device what it was.

Despite initial resistance, this Amy's love for her husband Rory remained strong. Even after thirty-six years, Amy still deeply loved Rory and (while initially cold to him) Rory's near-deadly experience with a Handbot caused Amy to shed some tears, though she hid it quickly. Rory being with her caused Amy to laugh for the first time in thirty-six years and she reminisced with her younger self over memories Amy held fond even after thirty-six years away from Rory. As such, when Amy agreed to help save her younger self, she did it for Rory's sake when pushed by the younger Amy to do so. In her final conversation with Rory and even her final moments, it was clear that to Amy, Rory remained the most important thing in her life. Amy told Rory that she was "giving her days" to Rory and her younger self so that Rory and the younger Amy could grow old together as she and Rory never could.

While Amy was at first cold and distant, her old personality began to emerge more and more as she spent time with Rory. Amy's sense of humour returned as did her adventurous spirit, with Amy telling her past self and Rory that she intended to resume travelling, albeit on her own, once she escaped. At the end of her life, Amy told Rory that seeing Rory and her younger self together reminded her just how much she had loved travelling with him and the Doctor in the TARDIS, seeing the universe. While Amy originally insisted that her sonic device was a sonic probe due to her new personality, when her old personality started coming back she admitted that "its a screwdriver," having previously called it a probe to differentiate her device from the Doctor and his way of doing things.

Amy possessed a heightened degree of self-preservation due to her decades-long struggle to survive in Two Streams. When the Doctor and Rory enlisted Amy's help to rescue herself, she refused as it meant that she herself would be erased from existence, something she saw as death. Though it meant that she would never have spent thirty-six years in what she felt was Hell, Amy wasn't willing to "die" and be replaced by another Amy who had never went through what she had. Even when she was convinced to help, Amy only did so on the condition that she come with the Doctor, Rory and her younger self. In her final conversation with Rory, Amy admitted that if she was allowed into the TARDIS, she would fight with everything she had to survive. Despite this, Amy urged Rory to keep her locked out so that she couldn't do so and when faced with five Handbots, effectively surrendered rather than fighting in her last moments. (TV: The Girl Who Waited)

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