Amy Pond's house was a house in Leadworth where Amy Pond, along with her parents, Augustus and Tabetha Pond, lived from her early childhood until her marriage with Rory Williams.

It had at least three floors. A crack in time and space was situated in Amy's room. (TV: The Eleventh Hour, The Pandorica Opens) In an exterior yard at the back of the house, were a shed and a swing set. After the shed was destroyed by the Doctor's TARDIS in 1996, a new one was made. (TV: The Eleventh Hour) The kitchen was located at the first floor of the house, and, on the second, Amy's bedroom. (TV: The Eleventh Hour)

Kitchen Edit

The kitchen included a refrigerator, a stove, a sink, and a table. (TV: The Eleventh Hour)

Amy's bedroom Edit

Amy's bedroom included a bed, a dresser, a table, and, during her childhood, a doll house. After her first encounter with the Doctor, she made many dolls of him and models of the TARDIS, all of which remained in her room throughout her adolescence and early adult life. She also kept books in there, including Roman Britain and The Legend of Pandora's Box.

Also in her room was a crack in time and space, on the other side of which was an Atraxi prison ship. (TV: The Eleventh Hour, The Pandorica Opens, Let's Kill Hitler)

Hidden room Edit

On the same floor as Amy's room was another room, hidden by a perception filter. Prisoner Zero hid there until 2008.

History Edit

When the Ponds moved from Scotland to England, they settled in this house.

The Doctor and Amelia in kitchen

The Doctor and Amelia sitting in the kitchen (TV: The Eleventh Hour)

When the crack in Amy's room swallowed her parents, her aunt Sharon raised Amy, then known as Amelia, in the house. At some point, a criminal multi-form called Prisoner Zero escaped from his Atraxi prison through the crack, and hid in the house.

On Easter 1996, the Doctor's TARDIS crashed in the back lawn and destroyed the shack there. The newly-regenerated Eleventh Doctor then met Amelia, who invited him into the house. He tried multiple items in the kitchen before finding just what he needed: fish fingers and custard. After finding out about the crack in her room and closing it with his sonic screwdriver, the Doctor had to leave temporarily, to prevent his TARDIS' engines from fasing out of existence, promising to return in five minutes.

The seven-year old Amelia then waited for the Doctor for hours with a small suitcase, eventually falling asleep. An older Doctor later returned, and laid her in bed, telling her his story. He then proceeded to walk through the crack, erasing himself from existence and closing the crack, as well as all other cracks. (TV: The Eleventh Hour, The Big Bang)

Throughout her adolescence, Rory Williams and Mels frequently visited the house. (TV: Let's Kill Hitler)

In 2008, the Doctor returned for her. Amelia, by then calling herself Amy, pretended that the younger version of her had left the house six months previously, when it had been, in fact, twelve years. When, that day, the Atraxi, the guards of Prisoner Zero, threatened to destroy the Earth, the Doctor believed that they were referring to only this house.

Two years later, the Doctor once again arrived on an untimely schedule. The day before her wedding with Rory, 25 June 2010, she disappeared with the Doctor, and travelled with him across time and space in his TARDIS. (TV: The Eleventh Hour)

A few minutes later, just before 26 June, she and the Doctor returned (it was, however, much longer from their perspective). There, Amy attempted to seduce him. (TV: Flesh and Stone)

Soon afterwards, troops representing the Alliance, whose plan was to trap the Doctor in order to save the universe, broke into the house and studied Amy's room. They used the information gathered to create a personalised reality near Stonehenge in 102 AD, which was their method of trapping the Doctor and his companion. During this invasion, they ripped off the front door of the house.

River Song then arrived in the TARDIS, and found out about the Alliance's plot.

Amy's house hallway

The second floor hallway. (TV: The Eleventh Hour)

After the universe was rebooted by the Doctor, Amy's parents, Augustus and Tabetha Pond, were restored, and, in the new timeline, were living in the house with Amy. In the restored timeline, the damage done to the house by the Alliance was reversed. (TV: The Big Bang)

After their marriage, Rory Williams and Amy moved to their own house. (TV: The Big Bang, The Impossible Astronaut)

Alternate timeline Edit

In a timeline where most of the universe had never existed, the Doctor's TARDIS did not crash on this house's lawn in 1996. The Eleventh Doctor did appear there, though, sliding a brochure advertisement to the National Museum under the front door. (TV: The Big Bang)

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