Amy Johnson

Amy Johnson was the first woman to fly across the world. She was also the first woman in Britain to become a qualified ground engineer. She first became a pilot after her sister Irene committed suicide, which made her decide to live in the moment. Clara Oswald read about her in school, and Amy became an inspiration for her. When the Eleventh Doctor took her to Baghdad in 1930, Clara ran into Amy in the desert outside. Amy then met her in a hotel, and they had a conversation. Her airplane was shot down over the English Channel during World War II, and she drowned. However, Clara realised that history only needed to record Amy dying. Clara and the Doctor saved Amy and took her to Cornucopia where she could continue flying. (COMIC: A Wing and a Prayer)

Despite their best efforts, Amy eventually died in Cornucopia as history had first intended. (COMIC: The Blood of Azrael)

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Amy Johnson was a real-life pioneer woman aviator — she was the first woman to fly solo from the UK to Australia.

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