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Amy's History Hunt was a game available on the BBC Doctor Who website. It was based on Amy's actions during the events of The War of Art.


Amy Pond shouts outside the TARDIS for the Eleventh Doctor. She sees someone and tells them that the Doctor has run out in search of his favourite painting. She returns inside, where the TARDIS tries to tell her where the painting is. It shows her a room with a safe and some pictures. She sees a note on the safe from the Doctor to the Doctor, telling him the painting is in the vault, that he can find the code to the safe on the pictures and he needs to buy socks. Amy asks the person to help her by going to the gallery and working out the combination to the vault.


The game is in a multiple choice question-and-answer format, allowing players to research the necessary information beforehand.

For each of the ten topics, three questions needed to be answered. Should the player answer incorrectly, they must begin that topic again. Each correctly answered question also unlocks a small fact about the topic of the question. Once the three questions had been answered, one number is revealed for unlocking the safe.

The ten topics were:

Once all numbers are unlocked, the safe opens to reveal the painting. As a prize, the player is rewarded with a short story in PDF format, entitled, The War of Art.

Story notes[]

  • On the BBC site, the name of the game varies among Amy's History Hunt, History Hunt and The History Hunt.
  • This game breaks the fourth wall.


  • This game chronicles Amy's actions while the Doctor looks for his painting. (PROSE: The War of Art)
  • Amy calls the TARDIS "old girl", noting that the Doctor does so. The Doctor has often shown affection for the TARDIS, referring to it as a female. (TV: Rise of the Cybermen, The Eleventh Hour et al.)

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