Amy's Escapade was a short prose story published in August 2011 by BBC Children's Books. It tells half the story of an alien invasion of Spaceport One. The other side of the story is told in Rory's Adventure.

Summary[edit | edit source]

At Spaceport One, a huge leisure and shopping complex on the outskirts of Dorfnan City, the Eleventh Doctor stays in the TARDIS. Amy Pond and Rory Williams have some free time to explore. Rory heads off for the gadget stores and Amy finds a bakery with a large reptilian alien serving behind the counter. Amy comes to the rescue of a small boy, (Paulus) whom the Reptilodon baker accuses of having stolen a doughnut. The boy had been seen running out of a back room, having got bored waiting in the queue – and the baker had found a doughnut missing. Another shopper leaps to the baker's defence and says that not all Reptilodons are invaders. Some are just trying to make a living. She even threatens to report Paulus to the Judoon authorities!

Amy asks Paulus why he ran. He says it was the other man in the office who also looked like he shouldn't have been there. He had told Paulus to run because it was dangerous.

Taking Paulus back to the shop to find the mysterious man and sort out the matter, they find the bakery closed. While Amy distracts the baker at the door by posing as Galactic Health and Hygiene Agency inspector, Paulus heads round to the back. There he finds an army of invading Reptilodons bursting out of a small back office through a transmat gateway. Paulus and Amy try to hold off the invaders with a cake fight.

The Judoon arrive, having been alerted to an incident by one of the baker's customers. Amy says goodbye to Paulus and heads back to the TARDIS, where she meets up with Rory. "Pretty boring really" she tells him when he asks what she's been up to as he points out the jam in her hair!

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  • Both Amy's Escapade and Rory's Adventure together tell the story of what happened when the Eleventh Doctor lets Amy and Rory go off separately to explore the huge leisure and shopping centre of Spaceport One on the outskirts of Dorfnan City from different perspectives.

Continuity[edit | edit source]

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