Amenhotep II

Amenhotep II was an Egyptian pharaoh and the father of Erimem. He wanted to throw her to the lepers. He was annoyed when his priest destroyed the scrolls relating to the Great Old One. (AUDIO: The Roof of the World)

He once made a boat entirely out of gold, simply because he wanted one. When it inevitably sank, he got angry when Erimem laughed at it. (AUDIO: No Place Like Home)

Amenhotep defeated the King of Hyksos. (PROSE: Spirit in the Tomb)

He fought a war against the Mitanni. After he won, he accepted King Gadamare's prize of his daughter Miral as a bride for his son, Mentu.

After the death of his son, Thutmose, Amenhotep was riddled with grief. He tried commanding his broken body to rise, and after pleaded with the Gods to bring him back. He married Thutmose's bride to be, Techvis, in his honour, though he vowed not to touch her. He demanded tribute from all nations to Thutmose, declaring his intent to go to war with them if they didn't comply. (PROSE: The Coming of the Queen)

Due to his father's battle with Ash-Ama-Teseth, the family bloodline was weakened. Amenhotep attempted to have many children, but was only able to father four. He desperately tried to father a fifth child, a son, shortly before his death, but was unable to produce another heir. (PROSE: The Last Pharaoh) He died circa 1400 BC, after being ambushed by Hyksos mercenaries while riding his chariot. (AUDIO: The Eye of the Scorpion, PROSE: The Coming of the Queen)

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