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Ambush was a comic story in Dalek: The Astounding Untold History of the Greatest Enemies of the Universe.


The War Doctor arrives with his TARDIS and Petrella on the site of a massive battle between Dalek flying saucers and Battle TARDISes, recognising that Voltrix has already ordered an attack.

However, before he joins in the fighting, the Doctor realises that "something is wrong". Indeed, upon detecting that the timeship of the "Predator" has arrived, the Dalek Supreme in charge of the fleet makes short work of the Battle TARDISes and directs all his Daleks' attention to the Doctor.

Realising the Daleks fed the Time Lords the information about their location to lure out the Doctor and attempt to destroy him, the Doctor instructs Petrella to set a course for Gallifrey. He explains that, having realised that his existence will still be the cause of countless death even if he runs, he must make a stand, and wants to "have a little chat" with Rassilon.




  • This story hints at a period in the War Doctor's early life where he still considered staying on the sidelines of the War as his previous incarnation had done; indeed, this very story depicts the War Doctor deciding to put an end to that part of his life by returning to Gallifrey and having "a little chat" with Rassilon.