Amanda Holden was a celebrity on Earth. While the Eleventh Doctor was trying to drop off Dermot O'Leary at the National Television Awards in 2011, he accidentally overshot by a year. She appeared with David Hasselhoff and Michael McIntyre. She criticised the Doctor's TARDIS, saying it was "just the same thing again", "an appearing, disappearing, blue telephone box". The Doctor apologised, explaining to Dermot that she was now Prime Minister. He said that in "the Holden Years" she was notorious for pressing "that big red button", which she did to the Doctor. (NOTVALID: National Television Awards Sketch 2011)

Behind the scenes Edit

  • Though not identified in the sketch, Amanda is on the set of Britain's Got Talent, where she acts as a judge along with Hasselhoff and McIntyre. The "big red button" that she presses concerning the Doctor is used on the show to reject an act.
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