Alun Travers was the son of Professor Edward Travers and Margaret Travers and the elder brother of Anne Travers.

Alun was born in April 1936, eighteen months before Anne and had a grounded personality which he got from their mother, though he looked the spitting image of his grandfather, Lyndon Travers.

He had a wife, Julia, and daughter, Anna-Margaret, both of whom died in a pile up on the M4 in 1965. Although Alun survived, his hearing in one ear was badly affected, leading him to wearing a hearing aid. (PROSE: The Dreamer's Lament)

By 1969, he was a history teacher at Oxford College of Further Education. He considered Anne to be closer to their father than he was, and after over a year of not seeing Anne, he came to her to ask her to keep their father from returning to Det-Sen. (PROSE: One Cold Step)

He tended to stay away from Anne's professional activities, and only met her work colleagues at Christmas 1969 during a Boxing Day gathering at Dolerite Base, after spending Christmas Day with Anne, William Bishop, and their father. (PROSE: Home for Christmas)

He got on really well with Bishop, and spotted the mutual attraction between Bishop and Anne almost immediately. He was therefore unsurprised to learn that they started daring in February 1970. When he learned of their father's death, he took it better than Anne, never having really been that close to him. (PROSE: The Dreamer's Lament)

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