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Altos (The Keys of Marinus)

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Altos was a follower of Arbitan.


Altos was sent by Arbitan to find the keys to the Conscience of Marinus. Instead, he was enslaved in Morphoton thanks to the power of the Mesmeron.

As a Morpho's slave, he welcomed Barbara Wright in the city, offering to grant her every wish. He did the same with Susan Foreman and the First Doctor, who respectively asked for a fancy dress and a complete visit to the laboratories. He assented to both their requests. Ian did not trust him because his eyes never blinked during the conversation. When Barbara proved herself resistant to the power of the Mesmeron, the Morphos ordered Altos to kill her. He tried to strangle her but Sabetha hit him over the head with a stool, causing him to collapse.

After being freed, Altos accompanied the Doctor and his companions in their search for the keys in the city of Millennius, showing the Doctor how to adjust his travel dial. He encountered Vasor, who tied him up in the forest in the company of the wolves and abandoned Sabetha and Susan in a cave. He was freed by Ian and helped him save Barbara from Vasor, who was trying to assault her, and rescue Sabetha and Susan in the cave protected by the Ice Soldiers.

He and Sabetha were romantically involved, which was exploited by the Voord Yartek, who forced him to hand over one of the Conscience's keys. After the Voords were defeated, Altos and Sabetha considered returning to Millennius. (TV: The Keys of Marinus)


Yartek said that Altos was stubborn. He was protective and offered to be Susan's guardian. (TV: The Keys of Marinus)