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Alternating Current was the first story published in Titan's Doctor Who in 2020, starring the Thirteenth Doctor.

It picked up directly from where A Little Help from My Friends left off, with the Doctor and Team TARDIS having to deal with an alternate timeline caused by the events of the aforementioned story, in which the Sea Devils have now ruled over Earth for over a century. The Tenth Doctor returned once again, as well as an alternate version of Rose Tyler.

The story had a turbulent production history; it was originally intended for publication in the summer of 2020 as part of Titan's previous ongoing comic, Doctor Who: The Thirteenth Doctor, in issues 5 through 8 of its second year, before being delayed for undisclosed reasons. When it eventually released, Titan chose to discontinue their Thirteenth Doctor title in favour of a new title.

The story also leads directly into the Time Lord Victorious comic story Defender of the Daleks, which ended up being released two months prior, due to the production delays.


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The Doctor[]

  • The Thirteenth Doctor uses psychic paper to identify herself as a "Human Sea Devil chief liason" officer to a Sea Devil soldier.

Other individuals[]



  • The Thirteenth Doctor asks the Sea Devils if they had ever considered unionising.
  • The Thirteenth Doctor believes that everyone on Earth liked "having a go at their bosses".
  • Graham refers to the "local work force" as slaves.
  • The slaves sleep on bunk beds.
  • The room the slaves sleep in has a broken television and a snooker table.
  • Rose has a photograph of herself with her parents.
  • Tesla and Edison are held prisoner with ourturian static cuffs.


The Walking Dead crossover.