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In an alternate timeline, the Master and the Dalek Time Controller allied together to conquer Earth in the 20th century and build a New Dalek Paradigm from the races they enslaved. (AUDIO: Master of the Daleks)



After being infected with retro-genitor particles, the Dalek Time Controller was banished from the Dalek Empire, as the Daleks recognised that the particles made the Time Controller an unnatural element in the Daleks's timeline. (AUDIO: The Monster of Montmartre) In retaliation, the Dalek Time Controller allied with the Master to create a New Dalek Paradigm to conquer the universe in place of the original Dalek Empire; the Master offered to assist in stabilising the timeline in exchange for control over a select number of Dalek worlds.

Working "four-dimensionally", the Master oversaw a full-scale invasion of Earth, and by 1961, the planet had been conquered by the New Dalek Paradigm and transformed into New Skaro. The Daleks ultimately killed millions of humans and enslaved the survivors in Dalek slave camps, designed to convert humans into Daleks; notably, unlike the Daleks of the Dalek Empire, neither the Dalek Time Controller nor the Master were concerned about the Daleks's genetic purity. During the Daleks's invasion, Molly O'Sullivan - married in this timeline under the name "Mary Carter" - witnessed her husband's death. (AUDIO: Master of the Daleks)

Earlier in the timeline, the Dalek Time Controller set up a base - the Red Pagoda - in Montmartre, Paris, in 1921, to begin setting up the Dalek invasion of Earth led by the Master in the future. The Time Controller used Dalek duplicates (AUDIO: A Life in the Day) to transport the Eighth Doctor's TARDIS to Montmartre, Paris in 1921, to both stabilise the alternate timeline and transform the Red Pagoda into a giant Dalek casing to replace the Time Controller's original casing, which had been badly damaged by the retro-genitor particles. The Dalek Time Controller also created, from its own DNA, Adelaine Dutemps, a Dalek duplicate that worked in the Red Pagoda and lured the artists and criminals that gathered there backstage, where they were seized by the Time Controller and converted into Dalek Time Strategists, Daleks with an advanced understanding of temporal science that would also serve as the Time Controller's personal army.

Despite losing the TARDIS, the Eighth Doctor and Liv Chenka managed to reach the Dalek Time Controller in 1921. The Doctor briefly escaped the Red Pagoda, although Liv was captured by the Time Controller. When the Doctor returned, he left in his TARDIS - on Liv's demands - although due to the alterations made to the ship by the Dalek Time Controller, the Doctor lost control of the TARDIS. Meanwhile, the Master arrived at the Red Pagoda, along with an army of Daleks, from the future, having arrived to ensure that said future came into existence. (AUDIO: The Monster of Montmartre)

New Skaro[]

Sometime in 1961, hundreds of Dalek saucers confronted a Sontaran fleet, including Glarn and Rastel, and exterminated the fleet; as the majority of humanity had either been killed or converted into Daleks, new species were needed for the Daleks to reproduce further, and so the cloning vats from the Sontaran ships were recovered and used to mass-clone Sontarans for Dalek conversion. By the time the Master and the Dalek Time Controller arrived from 1921, Draconians were also enslaved to become Daleks.

When the Doctor crashed his highly-damaged TARDIS in the ruins of Moscow, he was recovered by Molly O'Sullivan and taken to a Dalek slave camp. He was eventually found by the Master, who had used the captured Liv Chenka's TARDIS key and his own TARDIS to locate the Doctor's TARDIS, and was nearly exterminated on the Master's orders; however, the Daleks instead took the Doctor and his TARDIS to the Dalek Time Controller's base of operations, under the Time Controller's orders.

Inside their base, the Master and the Dalek Time Controller betrayed each other, as the Time Controller knew of the Master's deceitful nature and desired to exterminate him upon capturing the Doctor. However, the Master then revealed that he had quietly reprogrammed the converted Daleks to obey his commands upon his activation of a secret security protocol, but due to the Time Controller exposing the Master earlier than he had expected, the Master only had control of 75% of the converted Daleks, rather than the entire army.

As a result, a civil war broke out between the Master's Daleks and the Dalek Time Strategists, the latter of whom had arrived from Montmartre in 1921. Although the Master's Daleks had been programmed specifically to combat the Time Strategists, they began to lose the battle when the Eighth Doctor, having fully regained his memories after his crash-landing, hijacked the Sontaran cloning vats to rapidly grow Sontarans to fight the Daleks. In the ensuing chaos, the Dalek Time Controller stole the Doctor's TARDIS and escaped New Skaro, with Liv and Molly as captives. After the Master was distracted by the fighting Daleks and Sontarans, the Eighth Doctor stole the Master's TARDIS and escaped as well, stranding the Master in the middle of a three-way battle between Daleks, Dalek Time Strategists, and Sontarans. (AUDIO: Master of the Daleks)

The Eye of Orion[]

The Doctor's TARDIS landed on the Eye of Orion (which was being used by the Dalek Empire as a weapons development facility), and the Dalek Time Controller travelled with Liv and Molly to access the secure bunker of Markus Schriver; when Molly was too ill to continue, she was taken to receive medical assistance by Orion medical officers. The Dalek Time Controller killed a lone Orion worker, revealing that the workers had been genetically modified by the Daleks to grant access to the bunkers on Orion only upon death, before exterminating the Daleks guarding the bunker and entering.

Meanwhile, the Master's TARDIS crashed inside a nearby landing bay; the Doctor emerged from the wreckage, shortly before meeting Anya, who had arrived from Nixyce II. Shortly after, the Doctor found Molly, and the trio went to find Liv and the Dalek Time Controller. However, Anya eventually ran off to find the heart of the Eye of Orion, knowing that the planet was under Dalek control, and intended to use a Dalek bomb inserted between her lungs to destroy the Eye of Orion, desiring revenge after the Daleks massacred Nixyce II.

Inside the bunker, the Dalek Time Controller confronted Markus Schriver, who had allied with the Dalek Empire to complete his work on the Eminence gas. Refusing to allow the Time Controller to transfer his consciousness into the Eminence gas, Schriver used a nearby booth to transfer his consciousness instead, and attempted to escape through the vents. He confronted the Doctor and attempted to kill him, but was dispelled back into his bunker by a force of Daleks led by a Dalek Supreme, who then forced the Doctor to locate the Dalek Time Controller for them. Upon doing so, the Dalek Supreme locked the Doctor inside the bunker with Liv, Schriver and the Time Controller, knowing that a temporal wave would soon hit the Eye of Orion and kill those in the bunker.


However, after pursuing and confronting Anya, Molly managed to summon the Doctor's TARDIS and somehow pilot it into Schriver's bunker, making sure to lock Anya inside the TARDIS. Inside Schriver's bunker, Molly transferred her consciousness into the Eminence - which by now also contained the mind of the Dalek Time Controller - and burnt up her mind in order to banish the Eminence to the end of the universe, (AUDIO: Eye of Darkness) in time for it to be discovered by the past selves of herself, the Doctor and Liv on the Orpheus, (AUDIO: Time's Horizon) setting up the chain of events that would lead to the Eminence's ultimate demise. (AUDIO: Rule of the Eminence) The Doctor and Liv recovered Molly's body and chose to bury her back at her original home. Anya decided to stay on the Eye of Orion to assist in maintaining its peaceful nature.

Shortly after the temporal wave passed over the Eye of Orion, onboard its ship, the Dalek Supreme ordered for the remains of Adelaine Dutemps, which had been recovered from 1921, to be reconstituted into a unique Dalek Time Strategist, (AUDIO: Eye of Darkness) who would eventually become a major figure in the Last Great Time War. (AUDIO: The Shadow Vortex et al)