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Altered Status was the second story in the audio anthology Still Running, produced by Big Finish Productions. It was written by Christian Brassington and Matt Fitton, and featured Georgia Tennant as Jenny and Sean Biggerstaff as Noah.

Publisher's summary[]

On a utopian world, the perfect society toils towards its worthy 'Cause'. But the hard-working Suits are more than they seem, and the Department Head is something else altogether. And when Jenny and Noah scratch the surface, they find silver underneath. The Cybermen are coming...



  • Jenny knows the Cybermen by reputation.
  • Gravity buffers are used to guide the Jenny 8 into a perfect landing aboard the planet.
  • The Suits are the cybernetically augmented populace of New Damson.
  • Noah is given the life score of nine hundred and ninety-nine.
  • The system names the two of them Jenny Gallifreyan and Noah Unknown.
  • All citizens on New Damson must work for "the Cause". It is drilled into them.
  • Noah wants a frothy coffee.
  • The Suits, much like the Cybermen, do not have nor do they require names.
  • New Damson used to be called Morabolis before the Cybermen took over.
  • Sogo refers to Dorium as the Blue Man.
  • When the leadership is toppled, the Cybermats leave the Suits' bodies and revert them back to normal.


  • New Damson is an anagram of "New Mondas".


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