Allons-y! (also known as The End of Time, Part Two Confidential on the DVD) was the episode of Doctor Who Confidential broadcast in conjunction with The End of Time, Part Two. It would be outgoing actor David Tennant's last regular Confidential appearance, and incoming actor Matt Smith's debut.

Special winter titles used in this episode.

Aspects of production covered[edit | edit source]

  • Filming of the scene where the Doctor has to be wheeled down the stairs in a trolley, which required a sculpted doll of David Tennant to be used for part of it due to issues with David's back.
  • The regeneration of the Tenth Doctor and David Tennant's exit. Tennant's final scene is filmed and he is given an affectionate send-off.
  • They discussed how they filmed and created the Tenth Doctor's regeneration scene.
  • The casting of Timothy Dalton as Rassilon.
  • Filming the Master fighting against Rassilon.
  • The shot choices to maximise the impact of the Wilf reveal.
  • The importance of the Tenth Doctor's sacrifice as a character moment.
  • Russell T Davies discusses the "Doctor's reward" and his personal justification for each section of it.
  • The four different takes of David's final line, and why the final edit contains the take that it does.
  • The SFX work and safety logistics for David's regeneration moment.
  • David Tennant's last day of filming.
  • Matt Smith's first day of filming.

Additional topics covered[edit | edit source]

  • Russell T Davies also talked about all the companions of the Tenth Doctor and how he decided their future and exit.
  • The return of the Time Lords, and their gradual slide into villainous presentation within the classic run.
  • Timothy Dalton's memories of watching Doctor Who as a child.
  • Russell T Davies discusses his scepticism about the idea of the Doctor and the Master ever uniting on a situation, and about how the classic run used to do that at times.
  • A final celebratory montage of the Tenth Doctor's run on the show.

People interviewed[edit | edit source]

Music list[edit | edit source]

  • "The Day I Died" by Just Jack
  • "The Sweet Escape" by Gwen Stefani feat. Akon (also used in DCOM: Do You Remember the First Time?)
  • "My Aching Back" by Lowell Fulson
  • "The Dam Busters March" by Eric Coates
  • "Sabotage" by Chris Blackwell, Album: Cult Movies, Westerns ANW 1098
  • "Palpitation" by Duncan Pittock, Album: Drones, Textures, Musical FX ANW 1038
  • "This Used to Be My Playground" by Madonna
  • "Empty" by Helen Jane Long, Album: Ambient, Atmospheric ANW 1132
  • "Phat Planet" by Leftfield
  • "Half Light" by Athlete (also used in DCOM: The Writer's Tale)
  • "Never Forget" by Take That

Crew[edit | edit source]

Elements retained in Cut Down[edit | edit source]

There was no "Cut Down" version of this episode.

Home video releases[edit | edit source]

Doctor Who: 2009 Winter Specials DVD cover.

The full length version of the episode was included on the Doctor Who: 2009 Winter Specials DVD & Blu-ray box set released on 11 January 2010; and the Doctor Who: The Complete Specials DVD & Blu-ray box set also released on 11 January 2010.

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