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Allison Williams was Professor Rachel Jensen's assistant during the Shoreditch Incident in the relevant area of London in November 1963.


Early life[]

Allison was born in the Herefordshire village of Lower Burford to a farming couple. Her birth was very difficult for her mother, resulting in her being unable to have further children. Allison had a poor relationship with her father. She believed that her father always resented the fact that she was not a boy and that he always cared more about his animals than his family.

When she was 14, she was given flowers by Jack Maddocks during the Easter holidays.

Allison was not fond of Lower Burford, describing it as "a hillbilly hellhole" in 1965. She left home to attend the University of Cambridge in 1956, at a young age, and did not return until her father was taken ill nine years later. She had deliberately left young in order to force her father to ask why she'd left, but he never did. (AUDIO: The Forgotten Village) At Cambridge, she was the top of her class and noted as someone to watch by the government. (AUDIO: Changing of the Guard)

Professor Jensen had been one of her lecturers at Cambridge. Her classmates included Anne Travers and Ruth Ingram. (PROSE: The Scales of Injustice) She was once seen wearing a Girton college scarf. (TV: Remembrance of the Daleks)

Allison became associated with the British Rocket Group, (PROSE: The Shoreditch Incident) one of the first organisations in the United Kingdom to study and, on occasion, combat, extraterrestrial threats, (PROSE: Background) under the leadership of Bernard (TV: Remembrance of the Daleks) Quatermass. (TV: Planet of the Dead)


Allison was requisitioned away from the Rocket Group by Ian Gilmore in 1963 to join the newly-formed Intrusion Counter-Measures Group, where she was reunited with Rachel Jensen. (PROSE: The Shoreditch Incident)

In November 1963, she appeared on site with Professor Jensen and witnessed a Dalek kill several soldiers attached to the ICMG under the command of Group Captain Ian Gilmore. It was at 76 Totter's Lane that she met the Seventh Doctor and Ace, whom she later assisted in defeating both the Renegade and Imperial Dalek factions who were searching for the Hand of Omega. (TV: Remembrance of the Daleks)

She was sent by Toby Kinsella to infiltrate an anti-nuclear commune after the assassination of Stephen Mulryne. She met with Martin Regan for membership. She was hypnotised by Martin to kill 'John Rutherford', Gilmore and the herself. Fortunately, because she was told to kill John Rutherford, her controlled mind was unable to complete her instructions as she recognised 'Rutherford' as the Doctor, allowing him to break her programming. She then proved vital in helping the Doctor and Gilmore identify another key player in the conspiracy. (AUDIO: 1963: The Assassination Games)

While at Cambridge, she obtained the highest first class honours in her year. (AUDIO: Artificial Intelligence)

She completed her degree and obtained her doctorate in 1964. She met with Rachel in an Italian restaurant when she was called away on official duty. She knew of Heinrich Schumann from British Rocket Group, when Golmore took her to his lab. She heard strange voices at the lab. She got Rachel involved in their investigation. She wanted to make sure that the noises she heard was fully investigated. She was left in Schumann's office when Tom Carver arrived acting suspiciously. (AUDIO: Threshold)

Allison and Professor Jensen. (TV: Remembrance of the Daleks)

She and Julian had started dating in 1961 but, after three years, she was becoming concerned as to what he wanted from their relationship. When the artificially intelligent Sentient Engine Generator 2 computer, also known as Sen-Gen, had tapped into her mind and amplified her subconscious fears, she went to Julian's flat and cut all of his clothes with the exception of his tennis outfit into shreds and wrote, "Why don't you love me enough?" in Pastel Pink lipstick across his wardrobe.

Under Sen-Gen's influence, she later threatened to shoot Julian. However, he told her that she could resist Sen-Gen as she was the strongest willed person that he knew. He explained that he did not take their relationship any further as he did not want to hold her back. In order to reaffirm his love for her, he proposed to her. She accepted and put the gun down. Julian later reflected that they would have to come up with a story to tell not only Allison's mother, whose presence he claimed was enough to trigger a psychotic episode, but their children in years to come. (AUDIO: Artificial Intelligence)

She sent an oil covered cod to the Xenobiology specialists at the University of Oxford to diagnose what had killed a whole shoal of them, much to Kinsella's disapproval. The Fish died of cancer. She accompanied the rest of the team to Pelage to find the source of the chemical which did this. She slightly disapproved with what was happening as there was an armed guard and it seems that the inhabitants were in a work camp. She was dismissed because of it but used it to sneak around the complex. She found out the the workers were breathing smoke. She threatened Ken Temple after he refused to shut down the project. (AUDIO: The Pelage Project)

To Alison's dismay, Julian turned out to be part of a military coup against PM Harold Wilson and he hadn't really loved her: it had all been part of the coup plot, with him able to resist Sen-Gen as he knew he was lying. To save the Prime Minister, she had to shoot him dead. (AUDIO: State of Emergency)

For months after, she suppressed any problems and threw herself into her work. Rachel Jensen noted that she had been acting different since then but Alison waved it off. She went with Rachel to investigate a former MI5 scientist, Kent and found that the place ransacked. She asked James Aster to find out more about him. She was later attacked and kindapped by Aster but stopped by Gilmore. (AUDIO: Manhunt)

In 1965, Gilmore described Allison as being "as icy as a holiday in Barbados." (AUDIO: The Fifth Citadel) On another occasion, he described her as "a game girl". (AUDIO: Changing of the Guard)

Kinsella sent her and Gilmore to investigate a graveyard and she met with Ackroyd who told her about the illness of his men. Upon talking to Rachel, they were diagnosed with radiation sickness. Looking through the coffins, finding one lead line with a recently deceased occupant. She was taken away by armed personal and was treated for radiation sickness. Templeton told her that she had received a large dose of radiation. (AUDIO: The Fifth Citadel)

Prior to her trip to Amsterdam in 1965, Allison had never previously flown. She became very agitated and argued with Rachel. Upon running off, she ran into Shurik Barkov and went for a drink. On their way back the psychic aura caused the plane to crash, luckily Alison and her colleagues survived. She took Anya Barkov to a coffee bar in Leicester Square. Shortly afterwards she was involved in a riot. She shot Anya which caused her to break down in tears as that last time she shot someone it was Julian. (AUDIO: Peshka)

After noticing Kinsella destroying some files, she helped Rachel look through the files for mention of Mary Cleaver. She didn't like the fact that they had to go to Templeton to learn of the information that Kinsella had taken from records. She came to warn Gilmore about the troops that Templeton had sent after Ray Cleaver. She was concerned asl well when Templeton thought that Kinsella and Gilmore were colateral damage in stopping Cleaver. (AUDIO: Sins of the Fathers)

She was asked to give evidence about the Wilcox inquiry. During her questioning she was asked about her fiancé Julian. Posing as a journalist she talked to Kenny White and investigated the club. She noticed that the substance that Rachel was growing started to look like a rat and the crystalline version looked like a ruby. She met up with Kenny and discovered that there was multiple clones of him. Shortly afterwards she was drugged and kept over night. Kenny told her how he found the substance, fortunately she had created a substance that destroyed the cloning substance and destroyed the loadstone. (AUDIO: Changing of the Guard)

She was slightly concerned when she Toby came back to work. At St Anton's Point, she interrogated the workman about the recent events. On the 22nd floor she started to feel claustrophobic. She was sent to talk to Roderick Purton about the history of the building. She thought that the madness was associated with the area because of former mental hospital, but Roderick corrected her that it was other otherway round. She then theorised that the tower block was a conduit of events from the past. She looked at Kinsella's documents and found something amiss in them. She worked out that there was something in the geology that was the reason why there were illusions. (AUDIO: The Concrete Cage)

Her father died in 1965 and Kinsella put her on indefinite leave. She didn't like being back at her parents farm. She fought with Jack Maddocks when she realised that she couldn't hear any animals on the estate. She called Rachel for a second opinion. She was remembering her youth with Jack when Bevan alerted her about 17 villagers acting strangely. She asked Rachel to investigate the village with her. She started to be hysteric at the situation. She realised that it was the proximity to the barn in the village which was causing the illness. She collapse when investigating the barn. (AUDIO: The Forgotten Village)

In 1965, Rachel joked that Allison drank so much tea that she kept the East India Company in business. A month after the incident in Lower Burford she was still in an amnesiac state. Templeton had her experimented upon which included having implants placed in her brain. This did improve her memory. (AUDIO: Unto the Breach)

She was brainwashed by Templeton to think that he was Toby and another Captain was Gilmore. At this point she was sent to investigate the New Horizons project. After an explosion Templeton then placed her on enforced leave, instead she continued investigating and went to Graham Finlay. She found out that the patents was a smoke screen for a new technology. Finlay demonstrated the anti-grav technology. Her memories of the real Gilmore and Kinsella. Finlay gave her a substance which increased her strength and intelligence. (AUDIO: New Horizons)

She was worried that removing the control device would make her mind vanish again, though Rachel thought that Finley's substance overruled it. After contacting West, she realised that her fears were true. Rachel electrocuted her implant. When West died she thought she was a bad luck charm. She ordered Gilmore and Kinsella out of their prison. (AUDIO: The Keep)

She stayed behind in their new base whilst Rachel searched through the list of the mind controlled people. She thought that they could used the Orthello signals to confuse the guards. She thought that the explosion at Battersea Power Station was to allow pathogens to be distributed. She told Templeton how to stop the launch and when he was shot she switched the last switch. (AUDIO: Rise and Shine)

She had to escape the base before it exploded. She was glad that Kinsella had stowed away certain pieces of equipment. She thought something was wrong when Parks arrived in her oxford lab and he didn't use the lab's phone. She tested her Light Detector on Heaton. On her way to the airport, she was collecting a passport from her flat when a bomb went off. (AUDIO: Clean Sweep)

She worked in Tel Aviv as Miss Katherine Solomon whilst undercover in 1973. She returned to the UK to Kinsella's funeral. (AUDIO: Who Killed Toby Kinsella?) She created a distraction to help them kidnap Hassan Al-Nadyr. She helped in his questioning. She was kidnapped before warning Gilmore of a trap. Kinsella told her that he was resurrecting Countermeasures. (AUDIO: The Dead Don't Rise)

She was tasked with Allison to find out how a bank robbery occurred when the perpetrators where invisible and Gilmore was involved. She theorised that the device which Edwige Ponzi had made was breaking down the part of Gilmore that wouldn't shoot an innocent. She was left behind with the prisoner Franz who escaped and threatened her. She played a cruel trick on him to make him calm down. (AUDIO: Nothing to See Here)

She didn't find Machado attractive when Rachel asked. She got a headache whilst exploring the submarine, which. Machado said often happened. She started to hear voices. She was affected by something in the submarine and imagined that she was married to a man to Alex. Rachel tried to convince her that Alex's plans were against her nature as she was part of CND. (AUDIO: Troubled Waters)

Rachel and Allison attended a funeral of an old friend of theirs they knew from University. She then had to help Abrams investigate a set of manic birds. She thought it was curious that two different species of birds were infected with the same virus. They were attacked by pigeons in the countermeasures office. She later had to rescue people in Westminster Cathedral from a flock of Peregrine Falcons. (AUDIO: The Phoenix Strain)

She posed as Tobias' secretary on an undercover mission. She thought that Suzanne Clare was dealing with alien arms. She went after one of the copies of Gus Kalwarowsky but got found by Tessa Collins. She realised that there was a set of con artists. (AUDIO: A Gamble With Time)

She went with Rachel to investigate a lab in Barcelona. Examining the explosion site, she found a set of mice which she later started to attack each other. After the death of Henry Cording and being arrested for it, she went back to the safe house to collect his briefcase. She was able to unlock Cordings briefcase. (AUDIO: The Splintered Man)

She woke up in a hotel room without any windows and couldn't work out how they got on there and had a nightmare. Upon finding out that they had been brought here to find out hat was happening on the ship, she took one of the pill that was being distributed. She started to feel different and her nausea went away. She started to become euphoric and compliant before the effects wore off. After hearing a trigger phrase, she again became compliant and ratted Gilmore out. Though this was a ruse. (AUDIO: The Ship of the Sleepwalkers)

She thought that the Punk rock wasn't too bad. She interrogated Lady Clare about why she wanted sanctuary. Allison was concerned about a file that Toby had started on Punk Music. Allison released Clare and acted as her driver. She saw that Clare had a base under a department store in London and was being drowned in it by one of August Frazer's men. She escaped and went back to the Post Office Tower to disarm the bombs. (AUDIO: My Enemy's Enemy)

She visited her father's grave with Rachel. She helped investigated a set of mysterious transmissions. She was asked to find information about the Yeti from Edward Travers. She found out that Travers had kept souvenirs from the London Underground incident. She was able to calm down Travers, something that Reece Goff said was unique to her and Anne Travers. She started to be concerned at letting Travers to commune with the Intelligence. Visiting its domain, the Great Intelligence tried to subdue her mind. (AUDIO: Time of the Intelligence)

She joined an exhibition to find a UFO which was part of an investigation into Cavall. She was under cover as she was the most plausible to be a hippie. She gave Rachel the food she was given to test for psychedelics. She became affected by the teachings and had memories which she didn't have. This triggered her to phone Rachel. A voice was telling her to let herself go as she was to become the new host for the mushrooms. (AUDIO: The Hollow King)

Toby brought his team together to investigate the Robo-Helper 2000 learning it was developed by an escaped Lady Clare. Rachel asked her to take a second look at the robot as she couldn't find anything odd about it. When the Movellans started to invade, she used an Electromagnetic pulse bomb to destroy them. (AUDIO: The Movellan Manoeuvre)

Trying to learn more about the Movellans, Gilmore and Allison became caught in the fire between a Dalek Squad and the Movellans. They were both abducted in the skirmish, waking up in a Dalek ship. The Daleks interrogated Ian and Rachel about what the Movellans and learnt that they planned to destroy the Earth. She was a hostage to stop the humans from invading the ship. After the explosion she help dismantle and catalogue the Movellan ship. (AUDIO: The Dalek Gambit)

Later life[]

Professor Williams led the scientific team which investigated the Cyberman ship in Antarctica in December 1986. (PROSE: The Power of the Daleks)