Allisheer St Marx was an archemathicist, chronic theorist, poet, biographer, and politician. Her mother Lewu St Marx was human, but her father Handramit was a renegade Homeworlder.

She was born in the Onesian Emirate in 32312. At the age of 8, she became an archemathicist and a chronic theorist. In her teens, she made her first micro-universe using archemathics. She worked with her father as a research fellow, never revealing who he really was to anyone. House Mirraflex sent a genetically-keyed weapon to kill him in 32339, but it killed St Marx instead.

St Marx was resurrected in the Anteria District of the City of the Saved, and Handramit found her there. They stayed in contact after that.

St Marx married Anthony Fisher in AF 209.

She held several jobs and positions in the City, including Chair of Chronic Theory at Collegium Humanitas (from AF 8 to AF 91), Baconian Chair of Theoretical Mathematics at Clarendon University (from AF 91 to AF 109), and Writer in Residence at Bentham Penal Institution (from AF 134 to AF 136). In AF 197 she became Senior Chair of Archemathics at the University of the Lower Watchtower, where she stayed for nearly a century. There, she founded an exchange programme with Manfold College in AF 199; she took a year-long sabbatical at Manfold College in AF 275.

In AF 282 St Marx became Resident for the Base and Buttress District in the Chamber of Residents and, subsequently, the City Councillor.

She had an entry in Who's Who in the City of the Saved, which noted that she enjoyed cricket, theatre, chrononautics, and reading. (PROSE: Of the City of the Saved...)

Works Edit

St Marx wrote several books before her death, and about three hundred more while living in the City. Her publications included

Behind the scenes Edit

  • In Of the City of the Saved..., chapters 18, 59, and 73 are told from St Marx's point of view, and each includes several footnotes. Originally, author Philip Purser-Hallard intended for these to be marginalia that would appear as text boxes alongside the main chapter, in the latter two cases actually growing out of their boxes to become the main text of the chapter, a representation of St Marx's non-linear thought patterns. However, Mad Norwegian Press' book designers instead chose to put the information in footnotes.
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