Doctor Who DVD Files is a fortnightly partwork publication from GE Fabbri Ltd - The Ultimate Build-up Doctor Who Encyclopaedia.

One of its regular features is Allies, a series looking at the companions and allies of the Doctor.

Magazine pages Edit

AB 1 - Adelaide Brooke

Meet one of the most important women in history.

AC 1 - Ace

The companion with an unhealthy interest in chemistry.

AD 1 - Adric

Read about the companion who lost his life to save the world.

ADG 1 - Ada Gillyflower

Winifred Gillyflower's daughter kept the Doctor as a pet.

AF 1 - Alonso Frame

Allons-y! It's time to meet this brave SS Titanic crew member.

AG 1 - Agatha Christie

Read more about the famous 'Queen of Crime'...

AL 1 - Abigail Pettigrew

This frozen woman helped to thaw Kazran Sardick's heart.

AM 1 - Adam Mitchell

Find out why not everyone is good enough to travel in the TARDIS...

AN 1- Anita

This brave archaeologist died in the Library.

AP 1 - Astrid Peth

Read about the companion who never travelled in the TARDIS ...

BAR 1 - Barnable

This young boy was the Eleventh Doctor's friend on Trenzalore.

BB 1 - Bowie Base Crew

The first off-Earth human colony met a tragic end.

BB 2 - Roman Groom

Meet this brilliant technician from future Mars

BB 3 - Mia Bennett

This geologist was a lucky survivor of the Mars crisis

BB 4 - Andy Stone

A pioneering scientist tried to grow carrots on Mars ...

BE 1 - Bell Boy

This robotics expert ran away from the Psychic Circus.

BEN 1 - Sophie Benson

Craig Owens' best friend had the hots for the Doctor.

BG 1 - Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart

Learn all about the former head of the UK branch of UNIT.

BK 1 - Bannakaffalatta

Find out how this plucky little cyborg helped to save the Titanic

BP 1 - Ben & Polly

Meet the first companions to see the Doctor regenerate

BR 1 - Professor Edwin Bracewell

He's both a man and machine, but not the creator of the Daleks...

BRA 1 - Brains

Meet the platoon stationed on Hedgewick's World of Wonders

BW 1 - Barbara Wright

One of the Doctor's first companions - and one of the bravest!

BZ 1 - Buzzer

Could Buzzer be trusted? Or was he a devious Ganger?

CA 1 - CAL

Discover more about the girl at the centre of the Library.

CC 1 - Captain Carter

The commander of the Teselecta had a very special mission.

CD 1 - Lady Christina de Souza

Meet the aristocratic adventurer who helped the Doctor.

CE 1 - Alpha Centauri

Meet the six-legged ambassador from the Galactic federation.

CH 1 - Chantho

Find out more about the blue-skinned alien from Malcassairo.

CHA 1 - Dodo Chaplet

Meet the First Doctor's swinging '60's companion.

CHR 1 - Colonel Crichton

This officer led UNIT in the 1980's

CJ 1 - Captain Jack

Meet the intergalactic rogue who changes his ways...

CJ 2 - Captain Jack: The Return

He's the TARDIS traveller who can never die!

CJ 3 - Captain Jack

Relive the highs and lows of Jack Harkness' adventure.

CK 1 - Catkind: The Brannigans

Meet the Doctor's feline buddy and his human wife.

CL 1 - Caecilius' Family

Read about the Roman family who survived Pompeii!

CLA 1 - Claire Thompson

George's mum was hiding a secret – from herself

CM 1 - Colonel Mace

Read the secret file on UNIT's commanding officer.

CN 1 - Canton Delaware

The ex-CIA agent helped the Doctor in the States.

CO 1 - Craig Owens

Meet the Eleventh Doctor's reluctant landlord...

CP 1 - Captain Price

This UNIT officer helped avert a nuclear missile crisis.

CR 1 - Crespallions

Feeling blue? You would be if you worked on Platform One!

CRY 1 - Cryons

These natives of Telos were enslaved by the Cybermen...

CS 1 - Commander Strax

Meet the Sontaran nurse who helped the Doctor.

CS 2 - Strax:Vastra's Valet

Meet the shortest member of the Paternoster Gang.

CU 1 - The Curator

Who was the keeper of the Under Gallery?

CUR 1 - Colonel Hugh Curbishley Was this old soldier the murder of Eddison Manor? CY 1 -Handles

Meet the disembodied Cyber-chum.

DB 1 - Danny Boy

Meet the World War Two pilot who took on the Daleks.

DL 1 - Danny Llewellyn

Meet the doomed director of the British Rocket Group

DK 1 - Charles Dickens

Read all about the famous author who helped the Ninth Doctor.

DM 1 - Doctor Moon

Was everything as it seemed with the sinister physician?

DN 1 - Donna Noble

Meet the Tenth Doctor's most unlikely companion.

DN 2 - Donna Noble: Space Girl

Find out how Donna became the most important woman in creation.

DN 3 - DonnaNoble: Top 10 Moments

From temp to Time Lord, relive Donna's insane journey!

DN 4 - The Noble Family

Donna's family was turned upside down by the Doctor.

DO 1 - Dorium Maldovar

Meet one of the Doctor's dogiest friends...

DO 1 - Metacrisis Doctor

The Tenth Doctor's 'twin' was born in battle

DR 1 - Draconians

Not all aliens the Doctor met were bad...

ED 1 - Eddison Hall Guests

Meet and greet the unfortunate party-goers who faced the Vespiform

EG 1 - Ed Gold

Meet the first Australian on Mars.

EL 1 - Elizabeth I

The Tenth Doctor married this headstrong monarch.

ELE 1 - Companions of the Eleventh Doctor

All of the Eleventh Doctor's friend's in one place!

EM 1 - Emma Grayling

Clara bonded with this psychic scientist from 1974.

EP 1 - Elton Pope

Find out about Elton and the other fateful members of LINDA.

ER 1 – Emilia Rumford

This early archaeologist battled the 'Stones of Blood'!

EV 1 - Miss Evangelista

Meet one of the victims of the Vashta Nerada

FB 1 - The Face Of Boe

One of the strangest - and oldest - aliens that the Doctor has ever met...

FD 1 - Companions of the first Doctor

meet everyone who travelled with the Doctor's first incarnation.

FI 1 - Companions of the Fifth Doctor

From Adric to Peri, meet the Fifth Doctor's friends

FL 1 - Flavia

Meet the Chancellor of the High Council of Time Lords

FO 1 - Father Octavian

The man who knew what River Song had done.

GA 1 - Ganger Doctor

When one Eleventh Doctor just isn't enough...

GC 1 - Gwen Cooper

Meet one of Captain Jack's colleagues at Torchwood.

GD 1 - Gadget

This friendly robot saved the Tenth Doctor's Life.

GE 1 - George

What was this little boy made of?

GH 1 - Grace Holloway

The American heart surgeon accidentally killed the Doctor!

GI 1 - Gibbis

Meet this cowardly native of the planet Tivoli.

GR 1 - Professor Grisenko

The Doctor met this Soviet Scientist aboard a submarine.

GS 1 - General Sanchez

Meet UNIT's head of operations in New York

GU 1 - Gudio and Isabella

Find out about the Venetian ship builder and his daughter.

HA 1 - Hawthorne

Meet the chief advisor to Liz 10, queen of the spacefearing Britain.

HE 1 - Henry Avery

The pirate captain wasn't as evil as he seemed.

HJ 1 - Harriet Jones

Relive the rise, fall and rise again of this political hero...

HS 1 - Harry Sullivan

Find out about this companion who was also a doctor.

HT 1 – Hath

Meet one of mankind's oddest allies – and fiercest enemies!

IC 1 - Ian Chesterton

This 1960's schoolteacher was abducted by the First Doctor!

IJ 1 - Ianto Jones

What happened to this brave Torchwood agent?

ID 1 - Idris

What connects this scatty woman with the soul of the TARDIS?

IG 1 - Intrusion Counter-Measures Group

Meet the people who were the forerunners of UNIT.

IS 1 - Isaac

This United States Marshal fought the Gunslinger.

JA 1 - Jeff

He doesn't say much but he's handy with a laptop!

JAC 1 - Maria Jackson

Sarah Jane Smith's protégé fought all kinds of alien threats.

JB 1 - Jabe

How this walking, talking tree helped to save Platform One.

JE 1 - Jenny

This brave soldier was the apple of her Time Lord father's eye.

JE 2 - Jenny Flint

One third of the Paternoster Gang was a karate-kicking maid!

JG 1 - Jo Grant

Meet the Third Doctor's unscientific assistant...

JG 2 - Jo Jones

Find out what happened to Jo Grant after she left the Doctor.

JL 1 - Jackson Lake

Discover how the Doctor worked out who Jackson really was...

JM 1 - Jamie McCrimmon

Read all about the Second Doctor's Scottish companion.

JO 1 - John Smith

Take a look at the Doctor's human side...

JOE 1 - Joe

This resident of the Minotaur's hotel had a phobia ...

JN 1 - Ross Jenkins

This UNIT soldier met a tragic end.

JR 1 - Joan Redfern

Read about John Smith's loved one and Martha's rival

JS 1 – Jake Simmonds

This member of the Preachers helped to save two worlds.

JT 1 - Jackie Tyler

Read about Rose's mum and her alien adventures!

JY 3 - Jenny

Madame Vastra's maid was handy with a sword – or two!

K9 1 - K9

Find out more about the Doctor's faithful robotic hound.

K9 2 - K9: Faithful Hound

Find out about the robot dog's early adventures with the Doctor.

K9 3 - K-9: Top Moments

Take a look at the adventures of a metal mutt.

KA 1 - Kamelion

This shape-changing robot had a strange life aboard the TARDIS.

KM 1 - Kath McDonnell

Meet the greedy but brave captain of the SS Pentallian.

KS 1 - Kate Stewart

The Brigadier's daughter was a chip off the old block ...

KS 2 - Kate Stewart

The Brigadier's daughter took on the Zygons

KT 1 - The Keeper of Traken

Was this elderly guardian of untold power a match for the Master?

KZ 1 - Young Kazran

Find out what turned this young man into a bitter tyrant

LA 1 - Captain Latimer

This ex-military man was Clara's boss.

LB 1 - Lorna Bucket

Meet the girl who ran with the Doctor...

LE 1 - Leela

This companion to the Fourth Doctor was handy with weapons!

LAN 1 - Clyde Langer

Meet this member of Sarah Jane Smith's gang

LI 1 - Liz 10

The once and future queen who ruled Starship UK

LO 1 - Carmen and Lou

One of these two ordinary looking people had a special power ...

LON 1 - Lon

The heir to the planet Manussa didn't believe in the Mara.

LS 1 - Liz Shaw

The Third Doctor's first companion was a brainy scientist!

LT 1 - Digby and Francesca Latimer

Meet the children who were terrorised by the Ice Governess

LU 1 - Luke Smith

Meet the adopted son of Sarah Jane Smith.

LZ 1 - Laszlo

The bizarre but tragic tale of a pig and the showgirl ...

MA 1 - Malcolm Taylor

Meet the brainy UNIT scientist who was a big fan of the Doctor...

MAI 1 - Artie Maitland

The Doctor wasn't keen on letting this boy into the TARDIS.

MAI 2 - Angie Maitland

The Doctor took this stroppy teenager to an alien planet.

MB 1 - Melanie Bush

Meet the original fiery red-head who journeyed in the TARDIS

MC 1 - Mr Copper

This elderly historian from Sto proved he was young at heart.

MD 1 - Madge Arwell

This devoted mum found herself trapped in an alien world.

MG 1 - Captain Magambo

This UNIT officer helped to save two different Earths!

MH 1 - Minnie Hooper

Meet the leader of the mysterious Silver Cloak.

MI 1 - Milo and Cheen

Find out about the pair who kidnapped Martha in New New York.

MJ 1 - Martha Jones

Check out how this trainee doctor saved the world!

MJ 2 - Martha Jones: Reunited

Martha's back, but this time she's a fully fledged doctor herself!

MJ 3 – Martha's Family

Keep up with the Joneses and their adventures with the Tenth Doctor

MJ 4 - Martha Jones: Top 10 Moments

Relive the highs and lows of Dr Jones' time in the TARDIS.

MJ 5 - Tish Jones

Meet the unfortunate older sister of Martha Jones

MN 1 - Tom Milligan

Martha Jones met this doctor in a time that never was.

MP 1 - Marco Polo

The First Doctor encountered this famous Venetian explorer.

MR 1 - Margaret Blaine

Meet the MI5 boss who was murdered by a Slitheen.

MS 1 - Mickey Smith

Find out how Rose's boyfriend became a defender of the Earth.

MS 2 - Mickey Smith: Action Hero

Find out how living in a parallel world changed Rose's boyfriend.

MT 1 - Mandy Tanner

The Little girl helped expose humanity's shameful secret.

MX 1 - The Moxx of Balhoon

Meet the blue-skinned alien solicitor who loved a party.

NC 1 - Nasreen Chaudhry

The woman who was humanity's ambassador to the Silurians.

NF 1 - Queen Nefertiti

The famous Queeen of Egypt was part of the Doctor's gang!

NH 1 - Novice Hame

Read about the bad cat who came good in the end ...

NO 1 - Elliot Northover

A little Welsh boy helped the Doctor fight the Silurians

NW 1 - New humans

Discover how the human race was reborn on another world.

NY 1 - Nyssa

Meet the noblest of the Fifth Doctor's companions.

OH 1 - Ohila

This High Priestess saved the Doctor's life.

OO 1 - Natural Ood

Discover the squid-faced aliens in their native state...

OS 1 - Oswin Oswald

Meet the mysery woman who lived in a dream world.

OS 2 - Clara Oswald

This Victorian governess could have travelled in the TARDIS ...

OS 3 - Clara Oswald: Impossible Girl

The Doctor was intrigued by this 21st century nanny.

OS 4 - Clara Oswald: Time Traveller

The Doctor's impossible girl had a tragic childhood.

OS 5 - Clara Oswald: The Doctor's Saviour

Discover the secret of the Doctor's impossible girl ...

OS 6 - Clara Oswald: Travelling Teacher

Clara got a new job as a teacher – but the TARDIS beckoned!

PA 1 - Alec Palmer

This intrepid ghost hunter owned Caliburn House.

PAT 1 - The Paternoster Gang

The Doctor's friends kept Victorian London safe from attack.

PG 1 - Porridge

Meet the runaway Emperor of the Known Universe.

PC 1 - The Preachers

The brave few who stood up to the mighty Cybus Industries.

PK 1 - Peck

This Hath saved Martha's lifeand then gave his own.

PO 1 - Amelia Pond

Read all about the young Pond who waited years for her Doctor.

PO 2 - Amy Pond

Little Amelia grew up to be a traveller in space and time!

PO 3 - Amy Pond: The Married Years

There was no settling down for 'Mrs Rory Williams'...

PO 4 - Future Amy

Amy Pond came to regret her visit to Apalapucia...

PO 5 - Agent Pond

Meet another alternate version of Amy Pond.

PO 6 - Amy Pond: The Last Days

The final chapter in the story of Amelia Pond ...

PO 7 - Amy Pond: Top 10 Moments

Relive the highs and lows of Amy's extraordinary adventures

PP 1 - Professor Peach

The first victim of the Vespiform was on to something ...

PR 1 - Peri Brown

This Californian student had a wild ride in the TARDIS

PT 1 - Pete Tyler

Find out how Rose met her father - both of him!

PW 1 - President Winters

This US leader was blasted by the Toclafane.

QV 1 - Queen Victoria

The monarch who was saved from a werewolf's jaws by the Doctor!

RA 1 - Romana

Read about the first incarnation of this female Time Lord

RA 2 - Romana: Fresh Face

Meet the Second incarnation of the Doctor's fellow Time Lord.

RD 1 - John Riddell

This big-game hunter got the shock of his life.

RG 1 - Reg Arwell

How did this fighter pilot survive the Second World War?

RJ 1 - Rajesh Singh

Meet the Torchwood scientist and victim of the Cult of Skaro.

RM 1 - Richard Mace

Thespian, highwayman and adventurer – a man of many talents!

RN 1 - Reinette

She knew the Doctor all her life. He knew her for just one day...

RO 1 - Rosita

Introducing the Victorian woman who faced the Cybermen.

RP 1- Rapunzel

In the Land of Fiction, fairy tales were real ...

RS 1 - River Song

The intriguing woman from the Doctor's past ... and future!

RS 2 - Melody Malone

This 1930's private detective was really River Song.

RS 3 - River Song: The Doctor's Wife?

Relive the highs and lows of River's timey-wimey life.

RT 1 - Rose Tyler

She's a shop assistant - who gets to travel through time and space!

RT 2 - Rose Tyler: Lost Girl?

Learn more about the girl who changed the Doctor's life.

RT 3 - Rose Tyler: Bad Wolf Rising

She broke down the walls between universes to reach her Doctor!

RT 4 - Rose Tyler: Top Moments

Relive the adventures of the Ninth and Tenth Doctor's best friend.

RV 1 - Riley Vashtee

Meet one of the many men to fall for Martha Jones' charms.

RW 1 - Rory Williams

Introducing one of the Doctor's most recent companions ...

RW 2 - Rory Williams: The Lone Centurion

Amy's mild-mannered husband had an alter ego.

RX 1 - Richard Nixon

The US President nicknamed Tricky Dicky had a secret ...

RY 1 - Doctor Ryder

The Ood owe their freedom to this brave double agent.

RZ 1 - Rita Afzal

Meet the girl who impressed the Eleventh Doctor...

SA 1 - Shadow Architect

Meet the protector of the Holy Writ of the Shadow Proclamation.

SB 1 - Sanctuary Base Crew

Find out who lived and who died on the planet Krop Tor.

SE 1 - Sensorites

These neighbours of the Ood had special powers...

SEC 1 - Companions of the Second Doctor

Find out who travelled in the Second Doctor's TARDIS.

SF 1 - Susan Foreman

The Doctor's granddaughter was a very mysterious figure ...

SG 1 - Sam Garner

The Weeping Angels trapped this 1930's private eye.

SJ 1 - Sarah Jane Smith

Learn all about Sarah Jane's adventures with the Third Doctor.

SJ 2 - Sarah Jane Smith: Best of Friends

How did the plucky journalist get on with the Fourth Doctor?

SJ 3 - Sarah Jane Smith: Earth's Champion!

Read about Sarah Jane's later adventures with the Doctor.

SJ 4 - Sarah Jane Smith: Top 10 Moments

The career highlights of the intrepid reporter and time traveller.

SK 1 - Sara Kingdom

The Space Security Service agent didn't last long in the TARDIS...

SM 1 - Solomon

Meet the Hooverville hero who stood up to the Daleks.

SN 1 - Sylvia Noble

Donna's mother didn't always treat her too well.

SP 1 - Howie Spragg

This geek got lost in the Minotaur's labyrinth ...

SR 1 - Sir Robert MacLeish

Meet the man who owned Torchwood House

SS 1 - Sally Sparrow

The girl who made sure the Doctor and Martha got back to the future!

ST 1 - Steven Taylor

Introducing the First Doctor's space pilot companion.

SU 1 - Eldane

Meet the kindly Silurian who wanted to find peace with humanity.

SX 1 - Lucy Saxon

The woman who married a Time Lord and then tried to kill him.

TA 1 - Tallulah

Find out more about this sassy New Yorker.

TAS 1 - Tasha Lem

The Mother Superious was an old friend of the Doctor.

TC 1 - Tommy Connolly

Meet the young boy who helped the Tenth Doctor overcome The Wire.

TH 1 - Edmund Thursday

This Victorian gent came a cropper in Sweetville ...

TI 1 - Timmy

This little boy was fed to the Beast Below...

TJ 1 - Tegan Jovanka

Meet the Doctor's loudest, most opinionated companion...

TL 1 - Tim Latimer

How a 20th-century schoolboy helped defeat the Family of Blood

TM 1 - Tony Mack

This innocent father was caught up in a cold-blooded conflict.

TN 1 - Hila Tacorien

Was this chrononaut from the future really a ghost?

TO 1 - Toby Avery

Meet the son of a legendary pirate Henry Avery...

TOL 1 - Tollmaster

Who was the mysterious ticket inspector?

TR 1 - Professor Travers

The Second Doctor had a trusted ally in this Yeti hunter.

TT 1 – Titanic Passengers

Who survived the meteoroid disaster on the Starship Titanic?

TU 1 - Turlough

Meet the companion who tried to kill the Fifth Doctor...

TV 1 - Tritovores

Meet the alien flies who were trapped on San Helios ...


Roll call of the bravest members of this special organisation!

UX 1 - Priests of Uxarieus

Who were these strange little aliens?

VA 1 - Val

This shop assistant gave the Doctor a job!

VG 1 - Vincent Van Gogh

Find out more about the life of this great artist talks about her time in the TARDIS

VK 1 - Vicki

Meet the First Doctor's young companion.

VN 3 - Verity Newman

This writer told the world about Joan Redfern

VS 1 - Madame Vastra

Read about the Silurian adventuress from Victorian London!

VV 1 - Vinvocci

Meet the spiky green aliens who absolutely do not look like cacti!

VV 2 - Addams

Meet the spiky alien who went undercover.

VW 1 – Victoria Waterfield

Meet the orphaned companion who was always terrified!

WA 1 – The Watcher

This projection of the future haunted the Fourth Doctor...

WC 1 - Winston Churchill

Meet the British leader who thought the Daleks were on his side!

WC 2 - Emperor Churchill

The British prime minister as you've never seen him before...

WE 1 - Trish Webber

Chloe Webber's mother was terrified of the Isolus.

WI 1 - Brian Williams

Rory's dad threw himself into a world of adventure.

WI 2 - Brian Williams: Earth Defender

Find out how Rory Williams said goodbye to his dad.

WM 1 - Wilfred Mott

The Tenth Doctor's final companion was Donna's granddad!

WO 1 - The Woman

Meet the mysterious lady who appeared to Wilf...

WS 1 - William Shakespeare

Meet one of the greatest writers in human history...

WS 2 - Shakespeare's Players

Find out more about the men who spoke William's words.

WT 1 - Isobel Watkins

Meet the photographer who documented a Cyber invasion.

YA 1 - Mike Yates

The UNIT officer tried to bring back dinosaurs!

YN 1 - Professor Yana

Read about the Master's human alter ego who was good.

ZH 1 - Zoe Herriot

Was this companion really as clever as the Second Doctor?

ZK 1 - Captain Zhukov

The Firebird was commanded by an old soldier.

Where to file them Edit

In Issue 2 and Issue 3 subscribers receive a binder and seven coloured divider cards. The Ally pages are filed behind the green divider.

Like the technology and enemies sections, cards are filed alphabetically in each section according to the letters in the top right corner. For example Mickey Smith (MS) will come before Rose Tyler (RT) in this section.

If a subject has more than one card, it is further broken down by numbers. For example, MS 2 will come immediately after MS 1.

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