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All of Beyond was the third short story in the Short Trips anthology Short Trips: Snapshots. It was written by Helen Raynor. It featured the Second Doctor and Jamie McCrimmon.


When Toria's friend Lissa becomes seriously ill after having a baby, Toria runs away from the tribe, frightened.

The Doctor and Jamie materialise inside a huge biome. Toria sees them and hides, but the Doctor sees her and calls to her. When she learns he is called "the Doctor", she asks him to help her friend. She takes them to the elders of the tribe.

They discover that Lissa has died, but the Doctor talks to two elders, Lynsa and Jayk, and learns that the people in the biome think there is nothing but destruction outside. They've been here for seven generations. The Doctor, knowing that outside the biome is one of Earth's beautiful civilisations, tries to convince them to let him help. He offers to open the "edge" of the biome, and at first, a few people decide to follow him.

The Doctor uses the TARDIS to break a hole in the biome wall, and several of the tribe leave. Eventually, all the tribe members leave the biome.




  • This story is supposedly written by Toria. However, while Raynor writes the majority of the story with intentional misspellings (purportedly as written by Toria), inexplicably none of the Doctor's or Jamie's dialogue (as written by Toria) is misspelled.


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