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Aliens Among Us was the fifth series of Torchwood, released by Big Finish Productions in 2017 and 2018. It centred around the Sorvix occupation of Cardiff and the reactivation of the Cardiff Space-Time Rift.

This audio series was the first instalment in Big Finish's Torchwood: The Story Continues range, which served as a continuation of the Torchwood television series and followed from the events of series 4. It also linked with previous Big Finish audio stories that were set after series 4, including Forgotten Lives, More Than This, Ghost Mission, Made You Look, and Visiting Hours, where Gwen Cooper started to rebuild Torchwood Three in Cardiff with help from Rhys Williams and Andy Davidson.

The series was created by James Goss, Scott Handcock, and Russell T Davies, who introduced several new characters, including Tyler Steele, a PR for the Sorvix Ro-Jedda; Orr, a sexual psychomorph; the mysterious Ng, an alien that occupied Gwen's body and posed as her; and St John Colchester, who was created with Russell T Davies for The Torchwood Archive.

John Barrowman, Kai Owen, and Tom Price returned to voice their characters. Though Eve Myles was unavailable for most of the recording sessions, she briefly appeared in several stories, while for the majority of the sets Gwen was possessed and voiced by Alexandria Riley. The series also saw the first appearance of the parallel universe version of Yvonne Hartman and the return of Bilis Manger.


# Title Author Featuring Released
5.1 Changes Everything James Goss Jack, Gwen/Ng, Rhys, St John Colchester, Tyler, Orr, Ro-Jedda, the Sorvix 10 August 2017
5.2 Aliens & Sex & Chips & Gravy
5.3 Orr Juno Dawson
5.4 Superiority Complex AK Benedict
5.5 Love Rat Christopher Cooper Jack, Gwen/Ng, Rhys, Andy, St John Colchester, Tyler, Orr, Ro-Jedda, the Sorvix, Bilis Manger 19 October 2017
5.6 A Kill to a View Mac Rogers
5.7 Zero Hour Jay Harley
5.8 The Empty Hand Tim Foley
5.9 Poker Face Jack, Gwen/Ng, Yvonne Hartman, Rhys, Andy, St John Colchester, Tyler, Orr, Ro-Jedda, the Sorvix 6 February 2018
5.10 Tagged Joseph Lidster
5.11 Escape Room Helen Goldwyn
5.12 Herald of the Dawn James Goss

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