An alien pilot was a member of the crew of a ship that, in April 2016, travelled through space and time to Earth for the purposes of exploration, and appropriated an abandoned industrial estate in Shoreditch.

The pilot was the only member of the crew who was awake during travel. Its task was to choose an appropriate empty building at their destination for appropriation and to wake the other four members of the crew as soon as the appropriation was complete. Due to the electricity being shut off in the estate, the ship did not have enough power to either complete appropriation or leave Earth. The pilot used their equipment to appropriate the body of Garth Todd in order to search for a source of power. In this 10-11-year-old boy's body, it found Garry Fletcher in a nearby street and asked him for help explaining their predicament. Instead of helping it, Fletcher kicked the unconscious body of the pilot to death, simultaneously causing the death of Garth Todd. (PROSE: Joyride)

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