Doctor Who DVD Files is a fortnightly partwork publication from GE Fabbri Ltd - The Ultimate Build-up Doctor Who Encyclopaedia

One of its features included Alien Worlds, a series of features looking at planets featured in Doctor Who.

Magazine pages Edit

AD 1 - Aridius

Daleks tried to kill the Doctor on this desert world

AK 1 - Akhaten

Visit one of the most spectacular planets in the universe.

AL 1 - Alfava Metraxis

Visit the planet where the Byzantium crashed!

AM 1 - Androzani

Visit the planet that ended the Fifth Doctor's life

AP 1 - Apalapucia

Visit the second most beautiful planet in the universe.

AR 1 - Argolis

Visit the famous planet of the Leisure Hive.

AT 1 - Atrios

This alien planet was home to a segment of the Key to Time.

AZ 1 - Alzarius

Discover the secret of the 'Terradonians' ...

CA 1 - Castrovalva

Visit the city that was really a mathematical trap

CH 1 - Cheetah World

The Seventh Doctor journeyed to this planet of bones and blood.

CT 1 - Celestial Toyroom

Enter the strange world of games and trickery ...

DA 1 - Dalek Asylum

Dare you set foot on the planet of the insane Daleks?

DC 1 - Dalek Crucible

A terrible stronghold sat at the heart of the Medusa Cascade ...

DL 1 - Deva Loka

Visit the jungle planet that was home to the Mara.

DP 1 - Parliament of the Daleks

Visit the most terrifying democracy in all time and space!

DR 1 - Draconia

This planet sat at the heart of a vast star-empire.

EC 1 - Echo Universe

The Doctor journeyed to this terrifying dimension

EX 1 - Exxilon

Take a trip to the planet that disarmed the Daleks!

FR 1 - Frontios

Plan your visit to this distant planet inhabited by giant insects!

FW 1 - Forest World

This magical world was more dangerous than it seemed.

GA 1 - Gallifrey

Visit the planet the Time Lords called home.

GA 2 - Gallifrey: Death Zone

The dark secret at the heart of a Time Lord paradise ...

GA 3 - Gallifrey: The Capitol

Visit the heart of the Time Lord civilisation ...

GA 4 - Gallifrey: Arcadia

Discover the history of the Time Lord's second city.

GA 5 - The Matrix

Venture into a virtual-reality nightmare world ...

HO 1 - House

This sentient world lived outside the known universe ...

HW 1 - Hedgewick's World

Journey to the most amazing amusement park in the cosmos.

JA 1 - Jaconda

Visit the home of Mestor the Magnificent

KA 2 - Karn: Planet of Decision

The Doctor returned to this world in a dire emergency.

LA 1 - Lakertya

The Rani thought this grim planet would make the perfect lab.

LB 1 - The Library

Every book ever written could be found on this unique planet ...

LF 1- Land of Fiction

Visit a world of make-believe, where monsters of myth are real.

LO 1 - Logopolis

Visit the planet that kept the universe from unravelling!

MA 1 - Malcassairo

Your ultimate guide to the planet at the end of the universe.

MAR 1 Martians

The Red Planet has been home to many menaces.

MD 1 - Midnight

Visit the diamond planet orbiting an xtonic secret

MN 1 - Manussa

Visit the home of the legendary Mara

MO 1 - The Moon

A quick guide to the alien battlefield in Earth's sky.

MR 1 - Mars

Behold the Red Planet, home of the Ice Warriors!

MS 1 - Messaline

The subterranean world of warfare was not what it seemed.

MU 1 - Marinus

This planet had seas of acid and beaches of glass

NC 1 - Necros

Visit the planet of the dead that was presided over by Davros!

OO 1 - Ood Sphere

Visit the home planet of the tentacle-faced aliens.

PD 1 - Peladon

Guide to the planet full of weird and wonderful alien creatures.

PE 1 - Parrallel Earth

Explore a world that was a twisted mirror of our own.

PL 1 - Pluto

Mankind would one day settle on this far-off world ...

PT 1 - Paradise Towers

Visit the high-rise where residents get taken to the cleaners ...

RA 1 - Ravolox

Why does this alien planet seem so familiar to the Doctor?

RB 1 - Ribos

Visit the icy home to one part of the Key to Time.

SC 1 - Silurian Undercity

Beneath a tiny Welsh village there is a whole new world ...

SE 1 - Stopped Earth

Visit a world where it was always 5:02pm on 22nd April 2011

SEN 1 - Sense-Sphere

Visit the Horsehead Nebula and the planet of the Sensorites!

SEV 1 - Seventh Transept

Dare you venture into the crypt of the Headless Monks?

SG 1 - Segonax

Visit the planet that was home to the famed Psychic Circus

SH 1 - San Helios

Dare you take a trip to the planet of the dead?

SK 1 - Skaro

Visit the Daleks' mysterious home planet.

SN 1 - Sarn

The Master meets a grisly fate on the Planet of Fire.

SO 1 - Solar System

Explore the star system that's home to Earth.

SP 1 - Spiridon

Prepare yourself for the planet where the Daleks master invisibility.

SS 1 - Shan Shen

The Fourth Doctor stumbled across this spooky world...

ST 1 - Sto

Your guide to the people and tech of this Earth-like world.

TB 1 - Thoros Beta

The gaudy world was home to the Mentors ... and worse!

TI 1 - Titan

Visit the Earth base on Jupiter's moon

TL 1 - Telos

Plan your trip to the Cybermen's second home planet.

TK 1 - Traken

Take a trip to the most peaceful place in the universe.

TZ 1 - Trenzalore

The Doctor has a secret he will take to his grave ...

TZ 2 - Trenzalore

The Eleventh Doctor makes his last stand ...

VN 1 -Volag-Noc

Visit the most feared prison in the galaxy.

UK 1 - Starship UK

Explore Britain as it hurtles through space...

VA 1 - Varos

Plan a trip to the planet where torture and death are entertainment.

VO 1 - Vortis

Visit the planet inhabited by a variety of giant insects!

VP 1 - Vampire World

The Fourth Doctor stumbled across this spooky world...

ZK 1 - Zanak

This hollowed-out "pirate-planet" plundered the galaxy!

ZM 1 - Zeta Minor

Visit the strange planet at the farthest reaches of the universe.
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