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The Alien Files were a database created by Sarah Jane Smith. Realising that she and the rest of the Bannerman Road gang couldn't defend the Earth from aliens on their own forever, Sarah Jane instructed Mr Smith to begin collecting their knowledge and experiences about the aliens they dealt with in hopes it would be of use to future generations. Sarah Jane and friends began regularly recounting their adventures to Mr Smith, who collected the data and uploaded it into Alien Files about the alien individuals and species involved. (TV: SJAF 1)

Known Alien Files Edit

Known entries uploaded to the Alien Files include the Trickster, Krislok the Graske (TV: SJAF 1), the Pied Piper, Ship, Eve (TV: SJAF 2), Mrs Wormwood, the Bane Mother, the Sontarans (TV: SJAF 3), the Slitheen, the Blathereen, Rakweed (TV: SJAF 4), the Berserkers, the Mona Lisa (TV: SJAF 5), the Judoon, Androvax, and Mister Dread. (TV: SJAF 6)

Behind the scenes Edit

  • The predecessor to the Alien Files was portrayed in a series of short webisodes on the official website for The Sarah Jane Adventures, also called "the Alien Files," in which Clyde and Rani searched Mr Smith's video vaults for information on aliens involved in their past adventures.
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