Alien File: Eve was shown as part of Sarah Jane's Alien Files on the CBBC website.

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Clyde Langer comes to Sarah Jane Smith's attic. He asks Mr Smith if he could help him with his homework about black holes. However Mr Smith replies that he can not be used as a personal computer to help students in getting information about examinations. Clyde accepts this and asks Mr Smith about Eve. Mr Smith tells him a lot about Eve and Ship. In the end Mr Smith also mentions the black holes and Clyde writes this information down in his homework book.

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  • Eve's alien race was a peace loving race. They could read timelines, they could see the future and the past.
  • Mr Smith suggested that Eve's parents must have been aware of Eve's faith.
  • There were several types of black holes. The biggest were called super massive black holes.
  • Clyde Langer said that Welsh families took care of children from London during World War II. He said that those families were a bit like Harry Sowersby who took care of Eve, after she had to escape from war and her ship crashed on Earth.

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