Alien Babies! was a regular, parodic comic strip feature in Doctor Who Adventures, drawn by Jamie Smart. Like Doctor Who?, a similar comic strip from Doctor Who Magazine, it's obviously a parody and quite distinct from the main comic story featured in each issue. It depicts humorous gags and situations involving exaggerated, infantile versions of characters from the Russell T Davies and Steven Moffat eras of Doctor Who.

Its basic conceit is that a parodic version of Dorium Maldovar owns a nursery in the Medusa Cascade that houses various troublemaking babies, drawn from various DWU races.

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  • These babies are constantly harassed by a DWU rogues gallery, which initially consisted mainly of the Doctor's foes from series 7.
  • The feature dates from DWA 313, and was brought onboard as a part of the so-called "relaunch" of Doctor Who Adventures on 28 March 2013.[1]

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