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||Villain||023|| [[Jatt|Sister Jatt]]||''[[New Earth (TV story)|New Earth]]''
||Villain||023|| [[Jatt|Sister Jatt]]||''[[New Earth (TV story)|New Earth]]''
||Villain||024|| [[New human|Zombie Patient]]||''[[New Earth (TV story)|New Earth]]''
||Villain||024|| [[New human (New Earth)|Zombie Patient]]||''[[New Earth (TV story)|New Earth]]''
||Ally||025|| [[Victoria|Queen Victoria]]||''[[Tooth and Claw (TV story)|Tooth and Claw]]''
||Ally||025|| [[Victoria|Queen Victoria]]||''[[Tooth and Claw (TV story)|Tooth and Claw]]''
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* In both these titles, the promotional card packs included 5 consecutivly numbered standard cards and one other.
* In both these titles, the promotional card packs included 5 consecutivly numbered standard cards and one other.
[[Category:Doctor Who card games]]
[[Category:Doctor Who card games]]

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Alien Armies was a trading card game published by Panini Comics in the fourth quarter of 2009.

Following the success of GE Fabbri Ltd's Doctor Who: Battles in Time collectable trading cards and magazine series, Panini (better known to fans and collectors for their Doctor Who Magazine title) launched a more affordable collectable trading card game in October 2009 (without a magazine component). This title were only available until the end of 2009. In November, two Collectors Tin were issued, each with sixty regular cards and an exclusive card.

Starter pack

A starter pack was available from newsagents and consisted of:

  • Alien Armies Game Board (one required per player). The players could mount their strongest cards, ready for play against an opponent by beating their opponents corresponding score.
  • Collector's Binder – a plastic-sleeved folder to house the collection, with a removable cover insert. It listed details and had a checklist of all 260 cards.
  • Four packs of 6 assorted cards (individually available from retailers priced 50p UK)
  • The Starter pack in a sealed clear bag was priced at £4.99 (UK)


Card features

The 260 card collection was made up of various card types;

180 Standard Cards (Cards numbered 1-180)
40 Glitter Foil Cards (Cards numbered G1-G40)
20 Super Foil Cards (Cards numbered F1-F20)
20 Super Foil Emboss Cards (Cards numbered E1-E20)
The cards followed a television transmission order covering the Tenth Doctor stories from The Christmas Invasion through to Planet of the Dead with only the 10 (E) Doctor cards referencing earlier stories.

Some key cards could be found repeated but in different card types and each of the cards were categorised as one of the following;

  • Doctor
  • Children of Time
  • Villain
  • Ally
  • Equipment
  • All the cards featured a single image against a different colour themed background with the main image and other features being laminated. Each card (apart from the equipment cards) carried Power and Attack ratings along with a tiebreak rating (blue), and a power up options for use with equipment cards in blue, green, red and yellow, cards also credited the appropriate episode title.

Gallery of card examples

Card listing

CategoryNumberCard TitleEpisode/Caption
Equipment001 TARDIS
Equipment002 Sonic Screwdriver
Equipment003 Genesis Ark
Equipment004 Genetic Manipulation Device
Equipment005 Psychic Paper
Equipment006 Fob Watch
Equipment007 The Doctor's Hand
Equipment008 Extrapolator
Equipment009 TARDIS key
Equipment010 Laser Screwdriver
Equipment011 The Doctor (pyjamas)The Christmas Invasion
Children of Time012 Rose TylerThe Christmas Invasion
Children of Time013 Jackie TylerThe Christmas Invasion
Children of Time014 Mickey SmithThe Christmas Invasion
Ally015 Harriet JonesThe Christmas Invasion
Villain016 SycoraxThe Christmas Invasion
Villain017 Robot SantaThe Christmas Invasion
Doctor018 The Doctor (brown suit)New Earth
Villain019 Possessed RoseNew Earth
Ally020 ChipNew Earth
Ally021 The Face of BoeNew Earth
Villain022 Matron CaspNew Earth
Villain023 Sister JattNew Earth
Villain024 Zombie PatientNew Earth
Ally025 Queen VictoriaTooth and Claw
Villain026 WerewolfTooth and Claw
Ally027 Sir RobertTooth and Claw
Villain028 Father AngeloTooth and Claw
Children of Time029Sarah Jane SmithSchool Reunion
Children of Time030K9 Mark IIISchool Reunion
Villain031 Mr FinchSchool Reunion
Villain032 KrillitaneSchool Reunion
Ally033 Madame de PompadourThe Girl in the Fireplace
Villain034 Clockwork WomanThe Girl in the Fireplace
Villain035 John LumicRise of the Cybermen
Ally036 Pete TylerRise of the Cybermen
Ally037 Jake SimmondsRise of the Cybermen
Villain038 CybermanRise of the Cybermen
Ally039 Ricky SmithRise of the Cybermen
Ally040 Mrs MooreRise of the Cybermen
Villain041 The WireThe Idiot's Lantern
Ally042 Tommy ConnollyThe Idiot's Lantern
Villain043 Mr MagpieThe Idiot's Lantern
Ally044 Ood (normal)The Impossible Planet
Ally045 Ida ScottThe Impossible Planet
Ally046 Toby ZedThe Impossible Planet
Villain047 The BeastThe Satan Pit
Ally048 Elton PopeLove & Monsters
Ally049 Ursula BlakeLove & Monsters
Villain050 The AbzorbaloffLove & Monsters
Villain051 The HoixLove & Monsters
Ally052 Chloe WebberFear Her
Villain053 Wardrobe MonsterFear Her
Ally054 Yvonne HartmanArmy of Ghosts
Villain055 Cyber-LeaderArmy of Ghosts
Children of Time056 Donna NobleThe Runaway Bride
Villain057 Empress of the RacnossThe Runaway Bride
Villain058 Lance BennettThe Runaway Bride
Doctor059 The Doctor (blue suit)Smith and Jones
Children of Time060 Martha JonesSmith and Jones
Villain061 Florence FinneganSmith and Jones
Villain062 Judoon TrooperSmith and Jones
Ally063 Francine JonesSmith and Jones
Ally064 Clive JonesSmith and Jones
Villain065 SlabSmith and Jones
Ally066 William ShakespeareThe Shakespeare Code
Villain067 LilithThe Shakespeare Code
Villain068 Mother BloodtideThe Shakespeare Code
Villain069 Mother DoomfingerThe Shakespeare Code
Villain070 MacraGridlock
Ally071 Thomas Kincade BranniganGridlock
Ally072 Valerie BranniganGridlock
Ally073 MiloGridlock
Ally074 CheenGridlock
Ally075 Novice HameGridlock
Ally076 LaszloDaleks in Manhattan
Ally077 TallulahDaleks in Manhattan
Ally078 SolomonDaleks in Manhattan
Ally079 FrankDaleks in Manhattan
Villain080 Mr DiagorasDaleks in Manhattan
Villain081 Pig slaveEvolution of the Daleks
Villain082 Professor LazarusThe Lazarus Experiment
Ally083 Tish JonesThe Lazarus Experiment
Ally084 Lady ThawThe Lazarus Experiment
Ally085 Kath McDonnell42
Villain086 Korwin McDonnell42
Ally087 Sun Possessed Doctor42
Doctor088 John SmithHuman Nature
Ally089 Joan RedfernHuman Nature
Ally090 Tim LatimerHuman Nature
Villain091 Father of MineThe Family of Blood
Villain092 Mother of MineThe Family of Blood
Villain093 Son of MineThe Family of Blood
Villain094 Daughter of MineThe Family of Blood
Villain095 ScarecrowThe Family of Blood
Ally096 Sally SparrowBlink
Ally097 Kathy NightingaleBlink
Villain098 Weeping Angel (weeping)Blink
Ally099 Professor YanaUtopia
Children of Time100Captain Jack HarknessUtopia
Villain101 FuturekindUtopia
Ally102 ChanthoUtopia
Villain103 Mr SaxonThe Sound of Drums
Villain104 Lucy SaxonThe Sound of Drums
Villain105 ToclafaneThe Sound of Drums
Ally106 Thomas MilliganLast of the Time Lords
Doctor107 Old DoctorLast of the Time Lords
Doctor108 Ancient DoctorLast of the Time Lords
Doctor109 The Doctor (tux)Voyage of the Damned
Ally110 Astrid PethVoyage of the Damned
Ally111 Mr CopperVoyage of the Damned
Ally112 Foon Van HoffVoyage of the Damned
Ally113 Morvin Van HoffVoyage of the Damned
Ally114 BannakaffalattaVoyage of the Damned
Ally115 Midshipman FrameVoyage of the Damned
Ally116 Rickston SladeVoyage of the Damned
Villain117Heavenly HostVoyage of the Damned
Villain118Max CapricornVoyage of the Damned
Children of Time119Sylvia NoblePartners in Crime
Children of Time120Wilfred MottPartners in Crime
Villain121 Miss FosterPartners in Crime
Villain122 AdiposePartners in Crime
Ally123 Penny CarterPartners in Crime
Ally124 Lobus CaeciliusThe Fires of Pompeii
Ally125 MetellaThe Fires of Pompeii
Ally 126 QuintusThe Fires of Pompeii
Ally127 EvelinaThe Fires of Pompeii
Villain128 PyrovileThe Fires of Pompeii
Villain129 High PriestessThe Fires of Pompeii
Ally130 Soothsayer (The Fires of Pompeii)The Fires of Pompeii
Villain131 Lucius Petrus DextrusThe Fires of Pompeii
Villain132 Mr HalpenPlanet of the Ood
Ally133 Natural OodPlanet of the Ood
Ally134 Ood SigmaPlanet of the Ood
Ally135 Dr RyderPlanet of the Ood
Villain136 Commander SkorrThe Sontaran Stratagem
Villain137 Sontaran TrooperThe Sontaran Stratagem
Villain138 Luke RattiganThe Sontaran Stratagem
Ally139 Colonel MaceThe Sontaran Stratagem
Ally140 Private Ross JenkinsThe Sontaran Stratagem
Villain141 Matha Jones's CloneThe Poison Sky
Ally142 JennyThe Doctor's Daughter
Villain143 Hath SoldierThe Doctor's Daughter
Villain144 General CobbThe Doctor's Daughter
Ally145 ClineThe Doctor's Daughter
Ally146 Agatha ChristieThe Unicorn and the Wasp
Villain147 Rev GolightlyThe Unicorn and the Wasp
Ally148 Colonel CurbishleyThe Unicorn and the Wasp
Ally149 Lady EddisonThe Unicorn and the Wasp
Ally150 Robina RedmondThe Unicorn and the Wasp
Ally151 Roger CurbishleyThe Unicorn and the Wasp
Villain152 The VespiformThe Unicorn and the Wasp
Ally153 Professor River SongSilence in the Library
Ally154 Dr MoonSilence in the Library
Ally155 Proper DaveSilence in the Library
Ally156 Other DaveSilence in the Library
Ally157 Miss EvangelistaSilence in the Library
Ally158 Strackman LuxSilence in the Library
Ally159 AnitaSilence in the Library
Villain160 Vashta NeradaForest of the Dead
Ally161 Sky SilvestryMidnight
Ally162 Professor HobbesMidnight
Ally163 Captain MagamboTurn Left
Villain164 Fortune TellerTurn Left
Villain165 Time BeetleTurn Left
Villain166 DalekThe Stolen Earth
Ally167 Mr SmithThe Stolen Earth
Ally168 Luke SmithThe Stolen Earth
Ally169 Gwen CooperThe Stolen Earth
Ally170 Ianto JonesThe Stolen Earth
Doctor171 Duplicate DoctorJourney's End
Doctor172 Doctor DonnaJourney's End
Ally173Insane Dalek CaanJourney's End
Villain174Jackson LakeThe Next Doctor
Villain175Miss HartiganThe Next Doctor
Ally176Rosita FarisiThe Next Doctor
Villain177CybershadeThe Next Doctor
Ally178Lady Christina de SouzaPlanet of the Dead
Ally179Dr Malcolm TaylorPlanet of the Dead'
Ally180TritovorePlanet of the Dead
DoctorE1 The First Doctor
DoctorE2 The Second Doctor
DoctorE3 The Third Doctor
DoctorE4 The Fourth Doctor
DoctorE5 The Fifth Doctor
DoctorE6 The Sixth Doctor
DoctorE7 The Seventh Doctor
DoctorE8 The Eighth Doctor
DoctorE9 The Ninth Doctor
DoctorE10 The Tenth Doctor
Children of TimeE11 Rose TylerJourney's End
Children of TimeE12 Martha JonesJourney's End
Children of TimeE13 Donna NobleJourney's End
Children of TimeE14 Captain Jack HarknessJourney's End
Children of TimeE15 Sarah Jane SmithJourney's End
Children of TimeE16 Mickey SmithJourney's End
Children of TimeE17 Jackie TylerJourney's End
Children of TimeE18 Wilfred MottJourney's End
Children of TimeE19 Sylvia NobleJourney's End
Children of Time E20 K9 Mark IVJourney's End
VillainF1 Sycorax LeaderThe Christmas Invasion
VillainF2 Clockwork ManThe Girl in the Fireplace
VillainF3 Cyber ControllerThe Age of Steel
VillainF4 OodPlanet of the Ood
VillainF5 Dalek CaanDoomsday
VillainF6 Dalek JastDoomsday
VillainF7 Dalek ThayDoomsday
VillainF8 Dalek SecDoomsday
VillainF9 Judoon CaptainSmith and Jones
VillainF10 Dalek Sec HybridEvolution of the Daleks
VillainF11 Lazarus MonsterThe Lazarus Experiment
VillainF12 Weeping Angel (attacking)Blink
VillainF13 The MasterUtopia
VillainF14 The MasterUtopia
VillainF15 Toclafane SwarmThe Sound of Drums
VillainF16 General StaalThe Sontaran Stratagem
VillainF17 Supreme DalekThe Stolen Earth
VillainF18 DavrosThe Stolen Earth
VillainF19 Cyber-LeaderThe Next Doctor
VillainF20 CyberKingThe Next Doctor
EquipmentG2Sonic Screwdriver
EquipmentG3Genesis Ark
EquipmentG4Genetic Manipulation Device
EquipmentG5Psychic paper
EquipmentG6Fob Watch
EquipmentG7The Doctor's Hand
EquipmentG9TARDIS key
EquipmentG10Laser screwdriver
Children of TimeG11Rose TylerTooth and Claw
Children of TimeG12Donna NoblePlanet of the Ood
Children of TimeG13Martha JonesThe Doctor's Daughter
AllyG14 Face of BoeGridlock
VillainG15 DalekJourney's End
VillainG16 CassandraNew Earth
DoctorG17 The Doctor (brown suit)Tooth and Claw
DoctorG18 The Doctor (blue suit)42
VillainG19 Sontaran Trooper|
VillainG20 CybermanArmy of Ghosts
AllyG21 Ood (normal)Planet of the Ood
VillainG22 Pig slaveDaleks in Manhattan
AllyG23 Harriet JonesThe Stolen Earth
VillainG24 Robot SantaThe Runaway Bride
AllyG25 Judoon TrooperThe Stolen Earth
VillainG26 Toby Zed (possessed)The Satan Pit
VillainG27 ScarecrowHuman Nature
VillainG28 The MasterThe Sound of Drums
Children of TimeG29 Sarah Jane SmithThe Stolen Earth
DoctorG30 John SmithHuman Nature
AllyG31 Jackson LakeThe Next Doctor
VillainG32 CybershadeThe Next Doctor
VillainG33 Heavenly HostVoyage of the Damned
DoctorG34 The Doctor (tux)
DoctorG35 The Doctor (pyjamas)
VillainG36 SycoraxThe Christmas Invasion
AllyG37 Novice HameNew Earth
VillainG38 LilithThe Shakespeare Code
AllyG39 Hath PeckThe Doctor's Daughter
VillainG40 Vashta NeradaSilence in the Library


  • To mark the simultaneous launch of both Starter packs and individual card packs, Panini's own regular Doctor Who Magazine, 4 separate packs and an exclusive Tenth Doctor Card was included with issue number 414, which was bagged.
  • Three other special edition cards were also made available,
  • The weekly Doctor Who Adventures title also featured pack giveaways that included two free packs with each of three consecutive issues (DWA Issues 135 - 137).
  • In both these titles, the promotional card packs included 5 consecutivly numbered standard cards and one other.
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