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Professor Alice Dubrovnik was an engineer on the Pollyanna. She created the graviton inverter, a device that flipped gravitational force, allowing the ship to not be crushed by the Sun's gravitational force. When Alice was working on the graviton inverter, she was funded by Rudy Zoom, the egotistical quadrillionaire. He later used the device on the sunship the Pollyanna, and Alice joined him on his expedition to circumnavigate the Sun.

While working on the Pollyanna, Alice became close with the security chief Florence Dell but frequently conflicted with Harriet Wilcox. On one such occasion, Alice shouted at Harriet for tapping into her energy feed that she was using to run the graviton inverter. During this argument, Georgia Butler was possessed by the Umbra, who had come into the ship through a plasma intake, and disengaged the safety and activated the container release, releasing plasma into the plasma lab. Georgia and Harriet were vaporised instantly, but Harriet pushed Alice back in time for the door to automatically shut. The door soon opened again with the Umbra stood behind it. She tried to escape, but was tripped by one of its tentacles. As it pulled her back, she screamed for help, and the Twelfth Doctor appeared in front of her. He used his sonic screwdriver to close the door on it, then slung her over his shoulder and ran. Harriet then contacted the flight deck and tried warning Rudy to stop his expedition. The Doctor and Alice tried to persuade them to close all plasma intakes and abort the mission.

The Umbra then caught up with them and opened the doors, forcing the Doctor to pick her up and run. After the Umbra had killed Florence and took her form, the Doctor shot at the pipes on the wall, showering the Umbra in liquid nitrogen and allowing the Doctor, Alice and Officers Wright and Jordache to escape. Alice took the Doctor to see the graviton inverter, thinking it would be the safest place on the ship. The Umbra then swarmed the Pollyanna, rocking it violently and anchoring it to the Sun. The Doctor came up with a plan to use modifications to the graviton inverter to stop the Umbra. When he gave the signal after drawing the Umbra to him on the outside of the ship, the Doctor set up the final link to Alice's graviton inverter on the hull of the ship, allowing Alice to briefly boost the inverter and create a secondary gravity envelope, which inverted not only the gravity, but the heat as well, freezing the Umbra on the ship to death. (COMIC: The Eye of Torment)

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