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Alfred (later known as Mr Emerson) was one of the three artificial life-forms created by Professor Julius Quilter as part of the BEAGLE programme, each named after Alfred Russel Wallace. Whilst the previous two, Russel and Wallace, were intellectually and physically superior to Alfred, they died.

Alfred survived thanks to Quilter and the scientists learning from their mistakes. In 1975, his heart began to fail and he would not recover despite Quilter's best efforts. One night, he killed and absorbed the heart of the boy that was watching over him and stabilised. Once this became known, BEAGLE was shut down and Quilter ordered to destroy Alfred. However, he could not bring himself to do it and lied that he had, in actuality employing him as an assistant and naming him "Mr Emerson".

Quilter educated and nurtured Alfred over the years, maintaining his belief that they had to find a way to evolve and propagate the human race. Alfred cared greatly for Quilter and began to collect organs from humans when Quilter neared death. He took the liver, kidneys and spleen from his first victim, the lungs and bladder from the second and eyes from Angela. Angela survived the initial attack so he was forced to kill her in the hospital. Brian Rutherford had P.R.O.B.E. and men led by Ackroyd to investigate.

After Quilter's death under questioning, Rutherford called at Quilter's home to pay his respects. There, Alfred held Rutherford captive while he revived Quilter's body, perhaps intending to harvest Rutherford's organs to help the process. Only the intervention of Liz Shaw and Ackroyd saved Rutherford and killed Alfred. (HOMEVID: Unnatural Selection)

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