Alexander Truscott was a British businessman turned politician who was the nephew of Fey Truscott-Sade and creator of the Clockwise Men.

Biography Edit

Truscott was a highly confident and determined man that always set his sights as high as he possibly could - this was evident as early as his university days at Briarstoke Academy, where he was the leader of an "elite of the elite" group known as the Clockwise Club. He was friends with Hugo Wilding at the time, but Wilding quit on the spot after Truscott paid two homeless men to fight for their amusement.

One day, in his room at the college, a portal appeared out of nowhere that a badly injured Fey Truscott-Sade fell out of. Having just saved herself from death during the Time War, she was drawn to her only surviving relative, but was left delusional. As Truscott learned about Gallifrey and the Time Lords, he was disgusted at the revelation that he wasn't as superior in the grand scheme as he had long believed he was, and took it upon himself to turn the recovering Fey against them. When she recovered, she was able to split her mind from Shayde while he harnessed her shadow energies to turn the rest of the Clockwise Club into the Clockwise Men.

As time went on, Truscott continued setting his sights high, and his ruthless streak caused him great success in business, and later politics. By 2018, he was a known face by the British public, including Bill Potts (appearing on several TV panel shows) and was appointed Minister of Defence.

While the Twelfth Doctor and Bill were attempting to solve the mystery of the Clockwise Men, Truscott met Wilding on the banks of the Thames, revealing his knowledge of Wonderland, which Wilding denied existed. Some time later, Wilding contacted the Doctor and his group about Truscott potentially being the cause of their problems, and shortly after, he and his Clockwise Men ambushed Wilding in an underground London car park. He tied Wilding to a chair in his house for two days before he was rescued by Annabel Lake, but stuck around to explain his intentions to the Doctor. Attempting to shoot Wilding for his accusation of him being insane, he was interrupted by the Doctor's "cavalry" of Kenossium and Bass Reeves destroying the wall of his house, letting the Doctor's group escape.

Truscott let his Clockwise Men join Fey in their attack on the Doctor and his allies in the Dreamspace, but did not join in the fight himself. Instead, he stayed at home and watched the news coverage of the events, expressing very little remorse over what could have happened to his aunt. Saying that "tomorrow is another day", he was then met by Wilding, pointing a gun at his head, who said he was relieved that Truscott would not be around any more. (COMIC: The Clockwise War)

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