Alexander Martin was a Kanatian con man. He was also a trained medic. He knew Jack Harkness back when he was a con man.

While working as a con man, Alexander impounded Jack's ship while pretending to be a customs official on Balthazar. He later gave it back because "it didn't suit [his] purposes". Alexander again encountered Jack while pretending to be a health inspector at a Spice Bazaar on Velecerol.

He laid low on Earth for his retirement, living in Cardiff at Mercy Hill Care Home. He kept an eye on Jack Harkness from afar, and therefore knew that he had joined Torchwood by the time of their next meeting, although did not know that he was running Torchwood Three. (PROSE: The House That Jack Built)

Alexander was trapped in St Helen's Hospital during the the All-Night Zombie Horror Show. When the "zombies" broke into the hospital, his nurse ran off, and Alexander was left to fend for himself. He attempted to deflect the attention of an approaching zombie, whom he nicknamed "Slug-Face" onto a "fat woman" trapped in her wheelchair 10 metres away. His plan didn't work and the zombie continued to make a beeline for him. Alexander raised his hands, ready to go down fighting, but the creature brushed past like he wasn't there. Realising he wasn't going to die, Alexander couldn't help but cackle at the sheer grotesqueness of the spectacle. (PROSE: Bay of the Dead)

A few days later, Alexander was sat beneath the oak tree at Mercy Hill, awaiting a doctor sent by the Council to assess his standards of care. Alexander recognised the face, as the doctor - Jack Harkness - approached both him from across the lawn. Using a device, Jack gave him a full medical scan and then offered him the position of medical officer at Torchwood Three on a temporary basis. (PROSE: The House That Jack Built)

Personality Edit

Alexander considered himself a battler, a fighter, stubborn and determined and living on his own wits. He was the type of person who held a grudge. When his nurse, Ben, ran off during a zombie attack, Alexander made a mental note to hunt down and decapitate the "tiresome little shit" if he managed to survive. He seemed aggressive and had a lot of pent up anger. Facing the inevitable was not in his nature. He always envisaged that his death would be comfortable and painless, planning to expire gracefully between silken sheets with a beautiful woman by his side. When approached by Slug-Face, he attempted to deflect its attention onto a "fat woman" trapped in her wheelchair. Faced with death, he was prepared to go down fighting. (PROSE: Bay of the Dead)

He came across as a pervy old man. He contemplated falling from his wheelchair in order to feel the breasts of Nurse Sellers when she pulled him up. He also inspected her clothes in the hope that he might see her underwear through her uniform and, were he not incapable, would have loved to whisk her away on his wheelchair and do unforgivable things with her in the bushes. (PROSE: The House That Jack Built)

Appearance Edit

Alexander was bound by a wheelchair and had rheumy eyes. Jack described him as an "old curmudgeon" and stated that "time had not been kind". (PROSE: Bay of the Dead) He had bony ribs. (PROSE: The House That Jack Built)

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